Benefits of Using Business Video Marketing

business video marketingMany companies are discovering the significant power of using business video marketing strategies to drive interested visitors to their site.

In fact, using video as a promotional tool is more cost-effective than ever before, thanks to free outsources including YouTube.

Video promotional ads can produce the “wow” factor your business needs to increase your online presence and enhance company brand awareness.

A business video marketing campaign can do far more than written content placed on your company website, or at off-site locations including a blog post and social media platforms.

Videos are eye-catching, highly effective, and have the ability to stimulate the online viewer in a way that is nearly impossible when providing only text. When produced professionally, they can easily convey your company’s marketing message to be memorable or viral online.

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Gaining a Competitive Edge

An effective business video marketing campaign can easily set your company apart from the competitors. Even though video marketing is cost-effective and more affordable than ever before, many businesses avoid it. However, implementing a video campaign into the company’s marketing strategy can help them gain a significant edge over competitors.

Increasing Brand Awareness with Business Video Marketing

Today’s technology has the consumer turning to the Internet looking for information and companies they can trust. Videos on informative websites can assist the prospect in becoming more familiar with your company brand in the products or services you provide. Building trust with existing and potential consumers increases your brand awareness and solidifies your company as being reputable.

An Easy Communication Tool

Implementing a business video marketing promotional campaign can assist the interested viewer in understanding complex information clearly. Video can often express detailed information faster and more effectively than the written word. In fact, most of us prefer watching a demonstration of how to best use a product instead of scrambling through difficult-to-decipher detailed instructions.

Going Viral

No written content has ever gone “viral” in a way that a buzzworthy, awesome video has. Producing and posting a unique and entertaining video online can increase your company message and capture interested consumers for the services and products you provide. Video is a unique and effective solution for reaching potential customers in ensuring that the marketing message is being seen and heard.

Embedding Videos

Many small, medium, and large sized companies use embedded videos on their websites to provide additional, easy-to-understand information for online visitors. An embedded video is a much easier way to capture the attention of the consumer than written text. Embedded videos can be placed on the landing page, “About Us” page, and on individual webpages.

An embedded video should be placed on any website page where the consumer can see real people using the products and services your company provides. Having customers, employees, and business owners talk about the company or products in a positive light is much easier to comprehend than reading a lengthy article. Because people are visual, it is far more likely that they will remember the information they saw, over what they read.

YouTube and Instagram Ads

YouTube plays millions of videos to the masses every day. It is a phenomenal tool for marketing, especially to an eager, younger audience. Marketing videos on YouTube is a simple process, where an ad can be placed at the bottom or side of the video to capture the attention of the targeted audience while viewing.

Many businesses are turning to the Instagram mobile app as a way to market to the masses. However, Instagram has a 15 second limit, making it challenging to get a business video marketing message across to the consumer. Even so, its constrained time limit is ideal for short attention span audience, eager to gather information about a company, product or service quickly.

Videos will continue to increase in popularity, as more consumers take to the Internet to gather information and purchase items. As one more effective channel for communication, business video marketing ads offer content and information at a cost-effective price. Videos provide the company a platform for displaying their unique brand personality, increasing customer engagement, and strengthening their reputation online.

Videos are effective across a variety of platforms including websites, blogs, and social media network sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. With billions of unique users watching videos online every month, every business should consider posting entertaining and informative videos on the Internet.

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