How The Best Network Marketing Companies Are Different

best network marketing companiesMLM companies can provide the right people with a chance to make a lot of money with a very low investment.

Most franchises and other businesses require thousands of dollars to begin, but you can buy into most network marketing opportunities for a few hundred dollars and even less.

However, you probably expect to invest time in your business, and you certainly want the opportunity to succeed.

Choosing a good network company is the first step you have to take in order to give yourself a fair chance.

Typically, the best network marketing companies have these features:

— They have quality and desirable products for sale at an affordable price.

— The company includes and angle or advantage that helps you compete against other retailers or direct marketing companies.

— You get a fair compensation structure that you can actually understand to reward you for your effects.

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Which Are The Best Network Marketing Companies?

There are a few of ways to measure and rank different opportunities. You might consider the length of time that the company has been in business, the number of active representatives, the earnings of successful representatives, or the general morale of other marketers.

First, let’s consider the revenue that the top American direct sales companies generate. By the way, there are direct sales companies based in other countries, and some of them would have made this list.

Top U.S. MLMs By Revenue

Alticor (Amway)  $11.3B

Avon Products, Inc. $10.7B

Herbalife Ltd. $4.1B

Mary Kay Inc. $3.1B

Tupperware Brands Corp.  $2.6B

That’s interesting news, but most people are not as interested in the total revenue of the best network marketing companies. They want to know how much money that they can earn. Keep in mind that many people get into direct sales as a part time business opportunity, and they do not intend to purse it as a full time career.

In fact, maybe only 10 percent pursue it as a full time job, especially at first. As some gain experience and confidence, they spend more time at their direct marketing business and may quit their day jobs.

The Best Network Marketing Companies According To Forbes

Forbes is often critical of MLM companies, and they are quick to point out some that they find predatory. But they are also fair about mentioning some exceptions to the rule. The tend to like party plans because they believe these companies do offer a business opportunity, business training, and empowerment for their recruits.

It is very interesting to note that Forbes specifically singled out Mary Kay, Avon, Advocare, and Tupperware. These are companies on the top-revenue producers list. Maybe actually providing a solid business opportunity, good products, and some useful training actually do pay off after all! In fact, many of the home businesses that Forbes features are actually network marketing companies.

But they aren’t just any network marketing companies. They all tend to generate large revenues, have good brand recognition, and product products that are usually considered very high qualify for the price.

Sure, Tupperware costs a lot more than the cheap plastic containers that you can purchase at the store. But Tupperware products also have a reputation of being more durable than cheaper copies.

The point is you can find plenty of people who still use Tupperware products that they bought a generation ago, and it is hard to think of many companies that can make the same claim. You could draw similar comparisons for Avon and the other best network marketing companies.

What Is The Best Network Marketing Business For You?

The other thing that the Forbes article pointed out is that people tend to perform better when they can promote products that really peak their interest and inspire them. That was one strength of some companies they mentioned in a positive light: representatives really like the products that they sell.

How does that apply to you? If you are a cook, you might try Pampered Chef or Tupperware. If you like to stay healthy, you might try one of the many companies that promote nutritional supplements. You are much more likely to succeed when your products inspire you to find new ways to market them.

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