Best Multi-Level Marketing Companies Today

best multi level marketing companiesThere isn’t one best multi level marketing company just like there is not one best auto model or brand of salsa.

People have different tastes, interests, and experience, and it is important to find a company that you can really get excited and enthusiastic about.

Additionally, your experiences with one company or another depends upon the support you get from your own management.

Still, some MLM business opportunities have proven themselves over time. These are some characteristics of the best multi level marketing companies:

— The company has high-quality products that people enjoy or even need.

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— The company is solid and financially sound with ethical business practices and competent management.

— The company already has some credibility because people are familiar with the brand or some of the products.

There are many good MLM businesses out there, but we all know that some startups have proven themselves to be less than reliable or credible. It might seem exciting to get in on the ground floor of a new MLM, and finding an unsaturated market is exciting.

Still, this is a risky move because lots of new direct sales companies go in and out of business within months. Often, representatives lose their investments when these companies fail to live up to their promises.

How To Find The Best Multi Level Marketing Companies

There is something to be said for taking a conservative approach. That is not to say that you should never consider taking a risk on a new and unknown company, but it is safer to go with proven winners.

Wachters: This company has been around for 80 years, and it has been selling high-quality organic products the entire time. The product line includes nutritional supplements, cleaning products, and more. All products are natural and organic. Yes, people cared about this 80 years ago too, but they care even more today.

Tupperware: This company began just after World War II, and it is even more of a household name than Wachters. Honestly, if you find the right group of people, these products almost sell themselves. The company still encourages home parties, and lots of representatives do well with cooking demonstrations using popular products. However, these days, representatives also have catalog sales and Internet sales to boost their business.

Nutrilife: This company actually began in the 1930’s with products that a doctor developed in order to help people get proper nutrition. In fact, Dr. Carl F. Rehnborg is actually credited with developing the first vitamin supplement back in the 1930’s. These days, the company might be more well known as a maker of diet aids, but they still sell a number of different supplements.

Avon: Avon actually sprang out of the California Perfume Company, and that company was started at the end of the 1800’s. You can be sure that you are selling products from an established company with plenty of products that are household names.

Choosing an established company seems safe, but you may also want to look at the earning potential of the top people in the company. Remember that these top earners’s incomes are not representative of the average that people usually make.

On a recent top-earnings list, the biggest distributors were represented by these companies:

— Amway: One good thing about Amway is the potential to generate B2B sales, and these can help increase revenues a lot.

— OrganoGold: This company sells organic and fine coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. They also have supplements and personal care items in their product lines. This company is not one of the oldest MLM companies, but they have been around long enough to establish a good reputation, and they have some of the highest-paid distributors around.

Are The Best Multi Level Marketing Companies Always Old?

If you are approached by a new company, you should not dismiss it out of hand. You should do your research, see how your upline does on product sales and recruiting, and make sure the products seem legitimate. It is a lot safer to go with an established company that has already produced plenty of successful representatives, but a new opportunity can be exciting and give you a chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing.

Hopefully his article will guide you in the right direction in your search for the best multi level marketing companies.

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