Learning from the Best MLM Companies

best mlm companiesIf you are going to invest money and time in direct selling, you should do some research before you decide which business is best for you.

Of course, your success really depends upon your own efforts. But you are likely to have a better chance of success if you start off with a good company that provides real opportunities for representatives and an opportunity for growth.

You have many choices, but take a moment to consider our suggestions for the best MLM companies today.

What are the Best MLM Companies?

That said, a good fit for you probably depends upon your interests and experience. You also have to choose between an established and credible company and a fairly new and booming one.

— Established and best MLM companies: You can be sure these are credible companies with good products and a lot of name recognition, but the market might be saturated with many representatives.

— New and booming MLM companies: You have a chance to get in on the ground floor, but it can be risky to bet on a new company because unproven companies may not last.

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One survey ranked MLM companies by popularity with direct sales people. This does not always mean you should go with the most popular company, but it might be a basis for you to begin your research.

For example, you might consider what makes certain companies more popular than others and look for choices that have these same positive features.

— Avon: Avon has been around for over a century, and they are credited as being one of the first companies that gave women a chance to get involved in direct sales. Also, this company is credible and has great brand recognition. If you are interested in the types of products that Avon sells, it is hard to see how you could go wrong with this choice. On the other hand, there are probably a lot of other Avon reps around.

— Origami Owl: This company is much younger than Avon, but it has a unique line of jewelry that appeals to customers. While you will have to do more work to introduce customers and potential recruits to the company, you may not face as much established competition as you would with Avon. The neat thing about this opportunity is that guests at home parties get a chance to design their own unique and personalized jewelry, so the parties can be a lot of fun.

— Amway: People either seem to love or hate Amway, but it does give direct sales people the unique chance to sell to consumers and businesses. B2B sales can produce large revenues. The company is not as old as Avon, but it was founded in 1959, so you can count on this 55-year-old company to have good brand recognition and good support for representatives and managers.

How Can You Spot a Bad MLM Company?

It is not always easy to tell if a new opportunity is legitimate or not. Endorsements from famous people, flashy sales brochures, and exciting company conventions are not sure signs of success. Some upstarts put a lot of money into recruiting new representatives at first, but then they never really have a good product or unique angle. Some of them are even pyramid schemes in disguise.

These are some things you should look for:

— The company needs to have actual products to sell that you believe people will want to buy. If the whole idea behind the opportunity is simply to get representatives to recruit more representatives and they don’t seem to have legitimate products or services, you should be very wary. Some cleverly disguised pyramid schemes have started out this way.

— Does your own upline have a good system for making sales and recruiting more representatives? Sometimes your choice of the best MLM companies will come down to the management in your local area. If the person who is recruiting you wants to help you succeed, that can be a great sign. If they just want you to hand over your credit card and sink or swim, you might look for a different opportunity or at least a different upline!

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