How The Best Blog Sites Make Money

best blog sites make moneyWhen you visit someone’s blog on the Internet, you may not think about how they make money by blogging, or even if they earn anything at all.

While many blogs are simply written out of love, there are quite a few bloggers who are able to support themselves via blogging.

If you want to know how the best blog sites make money, keep reading.

The Best Blog Sites Make Money Selling Advertising

For most blogs, the basic way in which they earn money is through selling advertising space.

Advertising drives much of the traffic on the Internet, since companies are always competing for eyeballs.

Getting someone to click on an ad and make a purchase is the goal of every advertising campaign, and blogs are a great platform for putting ads in front of people.

Since people generally read a blog because they are interested in the topic, this means that they are already primed to make a purchase. If a trusted blogger recommends a certain product.

For example, his readers are more likely to end up buying that product. A blog that is seen as an authority on a particular subject can drive quite a lot of commerce.

By signing up with an advertising program like Google AdSense, you can have ads that are relevant to your niche displayed right on your blog. This way, when people come to your site to read about a particular topic, they will be shown ads that are directly related to that topic.

If they click on one of these ads, you will get paid. The more clicks your ads receive, the more money you earn.

If your blog has a high enough profile, you may even be able to land a private advertising contract. When you are seen as a leading authority on a particular subject, companies in that field may want to advertise on your blog.

Landing one of these contracts can be quite lucrative, but doing so can be difficult, especially when you are just starting out. You need to demonstrate that you can attract a large enough audience to make it worthwhile for the company.

Affiliate Marketing is Another Best Blog Site Technique

These affiliate marketing programs are similar to advertising programs, but you partner with a specific company. For example, one of the most popular affiliate programs is run by Amazon. When you become an Amazon affiliate, you post links on your blog to specific products on Amazon.

If someone then follows one of these links and makes a purchase, you will be given a cut of the sale price. This is another case where becoming an authority in your niche can really pay off. When you are seen as a trusted voice whose recommendations can be relied on, your readers will be more likely to purchase the items that you link to.

There are many different affiliate programs that are offered by all sorts of different companies. You may even be able to persuade a company to make you an affiliate if you can show them that you are able to bring a lot of new customers to their store. The larger your audience, the more you can earn.

Many top bloggers also earn money by writing and selling e-books. Some bloggers just repackage old posts and sell them in e-book format, but you are more likely to make a sale if you are offering your readers something new.

Most people are not going to be terribly interested in spending money on blog posts that they can read for free in your archives.

You need to offer exclusive content that your readers cannot find anywhere else. If you do decide to use older posts in your e-books, be sure to update and expand them with new material. It is also important to publish your e-books in a wide range of formats, rather than just for a single platform like the Kindle. If people can read your e-books anywhere, they will be more interested in buying one from you.

These are just a few of the most common ways that the “best blog sites make money”. Give them a try to see how much you can earn as a blogger.

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