4 Huge Benefits of Video Marketing

benefits of video marketingIf you are trying to have the highest probability of succeeding online by selling the product of your choice, video marketing has become one of the most important ways to generate targeted visitors that is available today.

The ability to rank videos for specific keywords has become easier than ever before, allowing people to generate sales by easily capturing page-one rankings on Google and other search engines.

By using YouTube advertising, you can also target specific types of visitors who will be more inclined to purchase products you have for sale.

This article will look at both aspects of video marketing, allowing you to start to improve your profits in an exponential fashion.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing

There are several benefits of video marketing that many people tend to overlook, mostly because they do not know how profitable videos can be.

If someone has done online advertising through Google AdWords or Facebook, taking the extra step to create a video representing your product might seem like too much work to get a desired result.

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However, because of how easy it is to rank videos, and how YouTube advertising can specifically target potential buyers by pre-selling the product you are trying to sell, you can increase your odds of not only directing targeted visitors to your sales page, but improving the chances of making a sale by showing visitors a video before they ever get to the landing page. Here are the top three benefits to using video marketing opposed paid or organic traffic options.

Videos Rank Higher Than Articles And Websites

If you create a video to presell your product, even if you choose not to use YouTube advertising, your ability to rank on page 1 for specific keyword terms, even in the number one position, are greatly improved. Google and other search engines see videos as providing extra value for people searching for specific topics on the web. As a result of this, they will often place videos targeting specific keywords even above authority sites on the same topic.

Two-For-One Advertising

Those who do paid advertising understand how important it is to target specific keywords to get potential buyers to their website. For each visitor who clicks on your ad, you have only one chance to make a potential conversion.

However, when you create a video to market on the YouTube Advertising Network, not only will you receive traffic from those who find your ad on YouTube, you also have a good chance of being found on the search engines.

By creating a video for the purpose of advertising on YouTube, you’re also creating a secondary source of traffic when the video ranks in the serps. This gives you two sources of targeted traffic despite the fact that you are only paying for one.

Pre-Selling Your Product

Finally, videos give you an opportunity to presell the product you are trying to market. By presenting a quick overview of the benefits that a person will receive from the product you are selling, it takes the visitor from a cold market, and converts them into a possible warm market buyer. The video acts as a catalyst for tapping into the emotions of the individual who is actively searching for products similar to the one you are selling. By presenting these benefits in your video, you are increasing your odds of motivating them to take out their credit card and make the purchase.

The Viral Nature Of Videos

Video marketing is most certainly one of the most lucrative ways to advertise on the web today. Even though social media marketing does have its viral aspects, videos do as well. When videos go viral, people share them all over the web, increasing your chances of making more sales. Of all the benefits of video marketing, virality makes it possible to exponentially expand your marketing efforts without increasing your advertising budget.

You should now understand how important it is to expand your advertising efforts into video marketing. Videos will rank higher than traditional websites, have the potential for going viral, can effectively presell the products you are selling, and also give you twice the chance of driving traffic to your products online when doing video advertising.

Hopefully you will consider these benefits of video marketing and implement some of the strategies that have been presented. If you have been searching for the best way to generate targeted traffic on the Internet with either organic traffic, or paid traffic, video marketing is certainly an excellent choice, regardless of the types of products that you are trying to sell.

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