Beachbody MLM – Cash In on Fitness

beachbody mlmBeachbody MLM is a marketing system offered by Team Beachbody, a company which specializes in providing motivational messages, information, support, and training programs to help people get fit, lose weight, and gain muscle.

There are more than 30 products in the Beachbody range, and members of the Team Beachbody club get a discount on those products, as well as access to trainers and experts.

What Does Beachbody MLM Sell?

When you join the Beachbody MLM program, you can choose to promote a huge range of different products. The most well-known Beachbody product is the P90X workout system, but other systems that Team Beachbody promote include Insanity and the Shakeology nutrition system.

At first glance, it may seem confusing that Beachbody promotes more than one workout and nutrition system. Surely a workout is a workout? However, once you inspect the structure, marketing, and target audience of each system, their decision should start to make sense.

P90X involves working out with weights and plyometrics, and is aimed at people who are already fairly fit.

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Insanity is a bodyweight exercise regimen that is aimed at people who want to get a beach body but don’t have the space or equipment to try P90X, or who are intimidated by the idea of working out with weights.

Team Beachbody understands how to create products that are aimed at different audiences, allowing people to reach a wider range of prospective customers and therefore make more money by selling their fitness knowledge to a bigger demographic.

Can You Make Money from Beachbody MLM?

As with any other MLM system, most people who try Beachbody MLM fail – but that is not a reflection on the quality of the system itself; rather, the failure rate is due to the fact that marketing any system is hard, and marketing fitness products is even harder.

There are a few periods of the year when sales peak – such as in the new year when people are making fitness related resolutions, and in the run-up to the summer when people are desperate to hone their bodies for the holidays.

However, the rest of the year people are less interested in fitness. They may search Google for workout plans, but they’re unlikely to be willing to hand over money. That’s why it takes a special talent to achieve success promoting this kind of product.

Tips for Success with Beachbody MLM

If you are active in the fitness community, it is actually worth joining the Beachbody MLM system, because the products that the company makes are very high quality. You can convert those casual Google searches into paying customers by using attraction based marketing and nurturing warm leads into people who are enthusiastic customers. Even better, because of the structure of the MLM program, if the people you convert fall in love with P90X or Insanity (and it’s likely that they will), you can turn them into vocal brand advocates and grow your own downline.

The Beachbody range of products lends themselves to email marketing, video series, social media challenges, and other low-cost but high conversion ratio online marketing systems. Why not promote their fitness range by putting together a small ebook full of stretches or simple bodyweight exercises, and challenge people to do five minutes per day?

Or, put together some recipes that are low in calories and high in protein, and promote them as healthy ways to curb cravings and kickstart your diet. After a few weeks of sending out those recipes along with motivational messages about fitness, start warming your subscribers up to the idea of trying an exercise regimen. Gradually introduce the idea of P90X or some other Beachbody product.

You’ll be amazed at how many of your subscribers and social media followers will be receptive to the idea.

Most people are more likely to listen to fitness advice from someone if they believe that they are fit; just like most people are more likely to take financial advice from a rich person. If you aren’t already fit yourself, but want to promote fitness products, be careful about how you present yourself online. Create a “personal trainer” persona if necessary, and make a point of learning as much as possible about the niche.

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