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Article Writing SoftwareAre you looking for article writing software?

Over the years we have tested many writing programs and, frankly, most of them are absolutely worthless unless all you want is a way to outline and organize content. A good article writer should help you accomplish much, much more than that.

A good article writing software program should help you research, write, edit and publish unique content on any topic in a fast, efficient manner. Some programs require only a topic, keyword list and suggested word count to produce a well-structured, unique article in seconds.

Here is a short list of the most popular free writing software programs and the best article writing software programs available on the market today.

Free Article Writing Software Programs

Search “free article writing software” and you won’t find too many programs available that offer anything more than you get using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. For example, FocusWriter, WriteMonkey, and LibreOffice all offer the same basic functionality, but with less distractions.

  • Article Rewriter Tool uses a built in synonym dictionary to spin and rewrites any block of text you enter into an online form. This is useful if you have a few PLR (private label rights) articles available and need a fast, easy way to generate unique content on the fly.
  • PrePostSEO offers writers and publishes a number of free online tools including a content spinner, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker similar to Copyscape.
  • Article Creator searches the internet based on a keyword phrase you enter and pulls in a compiled list of full-text RSS feeds. From there, the idea is you can copy, reorganize and write these high-ranking posts to create your own unique copy working from a rough outline versus a blank page.

Premium Unique Content Writing Programs

The #1 best paid article writing software program is the one you actually use on a regular basis to produce the results you want  – which, of course, depends entirely on what you will be using the content for, how it will be published and where you intend to publish it.

Article Builder the one of the most useful, efficient, and cost-effective article writers available.

We use it to automatically post 100% unique, highly-relevant 800-1,000+ keyword word rich articles to over a dozen different blogs on a daily basis.

Check it out…

Article Builder covers a wide variety of topics ranging from acid reflux to woodworking, affiliate marketing, time management, weight loss, lead generation and leadership. ArticleBuilder provides a wealth of diverse content for hundreds of topics and the subtopics feature as shown in the video.

How Does Article Builder Work?

  • Select a category
  • Determine number of words
  • Decide how many articles you want
  • Click save

That’s it! And within seconds you will have any number of completely readable, 90% unique, well-written, ready-to-publish articles you can use on your blog, submit to article directories, use as video descriptions and more.

Even better…

They have recently coded this program to also offer you highly spun versions so you don’t even need to invest in additional spinning software to get a 100% unique version.

Even better still…

You can also have your new articles automatically submitted and posted to any number of blogs you own and control on a schedule you create. Plus, you can add additional code to each of these automated content campaigns to randomize the copy that appears at the bottom of each article. This is useful to test different offers, links and snippets of sales copy.

ArticleBuilder is a great program and I highly recommend it.

The Leading Articles

We have been using the Ultra-Spun Leading Articles program for a number of years now.

These articles are actually written on a variety of topics in the 600-1200 word range by real, human authors. They are then HIGHLY SPUN and added to the marketplace where you simply log in, search for articles with your keywords in them, review the article and redeem it for your own use.

After any one particular highly-spun article is purchased 200 times it is removed from the data base.

You can also have articles auto-published to your blog as well. Select the category, type of article and the schedule you want the articles published. Simply set it and forget it.

We use this article writing software program to auto post to over a dozen money sites and they are saved as a drafts. Once published, we manually go in to edit, personalize and brand each article – which saves a saves a lot of time because the articles are always at least 90% unique and they read well.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

PS – The two best article writing software programs available are ArticleBuilder and Ultra-Spun Leading Articles if you want virtually automatic article writing and publishing.


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