Killer Article Marketing Secrets Revealed

Looking for a few article marketing secrets to take your business to the next level?

There are a lot of valid “article marketing secrets” you should know but there is ONE super powerful “secret” (or I should say “insight”) that is the difference that makes all the difference:

Article Marketing Produces a Cumulative Result Over Time

Best Article Marketing Secrets Revealed

Take a close look at one of my article marketing author accounts. This is a pretty new account I’ve been using to submit articles on various topics related to internet marketing and affiliate marketing…

article marketing secrets

Article Marketing Secrets

Notice first that we submitted a total of 31 articles in January. So the results we see are PRIMARILY from articles that had been submitted before January (because it often takes time for the articles to rank on the search engines) and, of course, a few “views” here and there as they were written.

In other words, these January results came about primarily from work done in November and December – over two months BEFORE this report was published.

Which brings us the #1 secret of all “article marketing secrets” – article marketing produces a cumulative result over time.

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What kind of results? Traffic to your web site when they “click through” to discover more about the topic you were writing about.

For example, let’s say we published 20 articles in December and, combined, they produced 400 clicks to our web site. Now, in January we write another 20 articles. What do you think our “stats” would indicate in February?

  • 400 clicks for articles written in December
  • 400 clicks for articles written in January

So because of the “cumulative” effect wherein we will continue to benefit from the work we have done previously, if we keep writing and publishing and promoting more articles on a consistent basis over an extended period of time – pretty soon we will be enjoying MASSIVE RESULTS even though our “work load” has stayed the same. Make sense?

3 Quick Article Marketing Secrets Revealed

One of the most powerful article marketing secrets you can learn is to write articles optimized for keyword phrases that are already ranking high on the front page of one or more of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) from one or more of the other a major article directories.

For example, as I prepared to write this blog post for “article marketing secrets” a quick search reveals that someone has already written a nice article about this topic and they have submitted it to ezinearticles. This article now ranks #3 on Google when someone searches for “article marketing secrets” specifically. So, knowing this, after I finished with this post I’ll go write another keyword rich article, submit it to EZA and once approved – set about the business of driving backlink to the new article url. Done correctly, this new article should now rank very well on Google and we’ll stand the chance of ranking twice on the front page. You can learn more about this ezinearticles traffic strategy here.

  • Write for a specific target marketing
  • Write for keywords already ranking on the search engines
  • Promote the article url to get backlinks. Lots of backlinks.

For backlinks I use a combination of Unique Article Wizard and Article Marketing Robot.

Getting MASSIVE BACKLINKS to your new article url is the most critical of all article marketing secrets. Many people just write and publish articles and leave it at that. Will it work? Of course. You will always pick up a handful of “readers” just by adding content to any authority sites. But if you promote the url by getting backlinks your new article stands a very good chance of ranking high on the front page of the search engine and that’s when the real magic happens.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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