Building A Money Making Affiliate Marketing Blog

affiliate marketing blogYou’ve probably heard a lot of hype about all the money you can make in affiliate marketing.

In fact, you could become filthy rich overnight if you’ve got the right tricks up your sleeve, right? Wrong.

But while there’s really no “get rich quick” gig in affiliate marketing, there is a tried-and-true path you can follow that will generate serious income for you.

It takes research, dedication and work, and if you’re ready, it’s waiting.

Paving The Way For Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Investigate the opportunities with companies like Clickbank and Amazon. Decide which ones are a suitable match with your goals and start making accounts. Sign up with all the big names, but have a clear end goal in mind.

Your affiliate marketing blog should be highly focused and your intent clear. Consider anyone you sign up with to be a partner, having qualifications and prerequisites much the same as if you were meeting up in person. Are they reputable? Trustworthy? Easy to work with? Will they help you succeed?

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Putting Your Website Together

The programs currently available to build websites are super easy to use. Don’t be intimidated because you’re not a webmaster or coder – anyone can do this! Begin with a clear idea of the image you want to present with your site, then follow the steps to create it. Use a reliable program that offers flexibility and covers all the things you’ll be needing, like widgets and plug-ins.

Play around with the tools until you feel comfortable creating your website. Make a list of what you’ll need, from an “About Us” page to hosting and beyond. Test and tweak the site until it represents your brightest ideas in marketing and highlights the products you’re going to promote in the best possible light.

Choosing What To Promote

There are a couple of routes you could take when picking your products. Many people try to focus on money makers specifically, while others go with what they know and love. Hopefully, you can find something that satisfies both criterias.

While making money is the ultimate goal, it’s important that you be capable of feature/benefiting your item(s), as well as be ready to answer questions. Having a passion for the product is a huge bonus. Your enthusiasm and conviction will come through in every post.

Developing A Linking Strategy

Link building is a very important aspect of your marketing abilities. Your site links to other sites, establishing your authority, relevance and weight in the given niche. There are services you could turn to to build your link network faster and more efficiently; however, it’s vital that you remain compliant with what search engines demand of the sites they rank. Otherwise, you risk penalties down the road which could wipe your site completely off the Internet map.

Presenting Your Affiliate Marketing Blog To Search Engines

You need to be indexed with all major search engines before the world can discover you. Create a site map, install analytics and connect with social networks. Submit your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Use RSS and Feedburner to expand your site’s presence and power.

Plan regular updates that will infuse your site and keep it active with crawlers. Get an in with Google, and learn how to put their tools to work for your affiliate marketing blog. Cover the basics with other engines as well, but master the basics with Google to really maximize your earnings potential.

Scratching And Clawing Your Way Through The Ranks

Ranking is a very fickle thing. It requires constant promotion on your part and is not something that happens simply because your site is attractive, fully connected and offers major discounts on coveted products. The competition to rank is pretty fierce; don’t just sit there waiting for something to happen. Do guest posts on other blogs and ask bloggers within your niche to do the same on your affiliate marketing blog. Enhance your presence on all the major social networking platforms and cover press releases too.

Keep the pulse pounding on your site by adding high-quality content all the time. Gab in forums where you know potential customers lurk. Be a problem solver for people everywhere, engaging them in conversation and the solution process. Also, don’t underestimate the power of friends and family. Tell them to visit your blog, share it and buy there. If you’ve done everything right, the popularity of your site will naturally grow exponentially.

While it may not happen over night, there is a lot of money to be made as an affiliate. Eventually, the process does elevate to a “passive” state, meaning there’s less work involved as more profits roll in. If you’re serious about it, stop procrastinating. Your future is at stake here, and affiliate marketing can literally take you anywhere.

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