Affiliate Marketing 101 – What You Need to Know

affiliate marketing 101If you, as an entrepreneur, ever dreamed of a marketing program that has the ability to increase your sales upwards of 25 percent or more without spending any money until you get results, then affiliate marketing might be exactly what you need.

Alternatively, you may have wanted to become an affiliate marketer, generating a healthy stream of income every month without the need of a product or service to sell.

Affiliate marketing is a viable tool for both the entrepreneur with the product, and those interested in selling goods without ever buying product on their own.

As an efficient online program, affiliate marketing allows you to become part of an affiliate team to market your products or services, or those belonging to another.

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Below is a list of affiliate marketing 101 basics you should know to become a part of this exciting and financially rewarding experience.

Affiliate Marketing 101 Basics

Affiliate marketing is a gold mine of riches available to the average individual who wants to make money online. In recent years, affiliate marketing has skyrocketed, as more consumers have taken to the Internet as a way to purchase products online. The increased opportunities have leveraged affiliate marketing to make it lucrative for everyone involved.

•    Low or No Overhead – Affiliate marketing costs very little for the online entrepreneur, and nothing at all for the affiliate marketer. Entrepreneurs can save the tremendous cost involved in advertising in a promotional campaign, and instead pay affiliate marketers for their creative efforts. Affiliate marketers simply need to locate a product to promote, and use the Internet to recommend the product for consumers wanting to make the purchase.

•    Locating a Niche Market – The beginning entrepreneur must select a niche market, and find a product desired by a large segment of consumers who are eager to make a purchase. The beginning affiliate marketer needs to locate the best products to market online. There is a huge variety available in nearly every type of niche market. Most are tangible products that people use every day, along with online courses, e-books, and more.

Building Websites and Social Media Sites

The affiliate marketer will need to have a place to promote the products and goods for sale. This can happen on a variety of platforms including websites, blog sites, and social media platforms including Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, and more. Individuals who already have high traffic on their blogs and social media sites can easily monetize them by becoming an affiliate marketer.

The process is simple, and requires recommending products, goods, and services to viewers and readers who repeatedly visit their site. It involves linking, where the affiliate marketer redirects the potential customer to another site where they can make a purchase, and then sends a portion of the profit back to the affiliate.

Keyword Research

Driving individuals to a website, a blog, and social media sites usually involves search engine optimization. It requires that entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers perform keyword research. This provides information about what online visitors are typing in search engine queries when looking for products, goods, and services. Usually, the best keywords are the ones that describe the product, or the solution it provides to a specific problem.

As an example, an online visitor might be experiencing problems with their feet when walking. At first, it might appear that “shoes” or “special shoes” are the ideal keywords, when in fact most online visitors are typing in “my feet ache” in hope of locating the right products in a search engine query.

Tying It All Together

Following the affiliate marketing 101 basics can help you decide how to become involved in this exciting money making adventure. First, it requires deciding whether to be an entrepreneur hoping to sell a product, service, or good online, without the high cost of advertising involved in traditional marketing. Alternatively, it is just as easy to become an affiliate marketer, and avoid the high cost of producing a product or providing a service to online customers.

Second, it requires starting a blog, developing a website, becoming active on a variety of social media network sites, or all three, as an affiliate marketer. It will be important to select the best products, services or goods that you are passionate about, to make it easy to promote. Finally, consider taking advanced training in affiliate marketing to best use all of the available tools to make you successful at selling products online.

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