Affiliate Article Marketing

One of the most effective long term online marketing methods for generating more traffic, leads and sales is affiliate article marketing.

The reason affiliate article marketing works so well is because it aligns perfectly with the way the majority of people use the internet. Think about it.

The internet runs on search, and behind every search is a live person actively looking for more information about a particular topic, company or product. Or perhaps they venture online because they have a problem or challenge they need to solve. Either way, the goal of “affiliate article marketing” is really to make it very easy for people to find your content when they are in the mood to make a purchase or to learn more about your product, service or business opportunity.

Affiliate Article Marketing Mistakes

Unfortunately, many Internet marketers aren’t fully aware of the most effective methods to employ with affiliate article marketing and end up making costly mistakes that hurt more than help.

Everyone makes mistakes (especially when we are first learning!), but in order to overcome them and reach your ultimate goal, you have to learn what not to do in the future. But when you repeat a mistake and do it continuously, it makes things difficult. Here will be looking at a few proven affiliate article marketing strategies designed to help you avoid wasting precious time and resources.

Common Affiliate Article Marketing Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes to make is to publish content that don’t contain the type of relevant content your target audience is searching for. Remember, the internet runs on search and behind every search is a live person who is actively searching for a solution.

So the first step is to spend some time using keyword research tools to discover EXACTLY what your target market is searching for. What specific words and phrases are they literally typing in the search engines when they are buying? So targeting the right keywords is the first, most important step towards building out a profitable affiliate article marketing campaign.

For example, let’s say you have decided to promote “My Lead System Pro” which pays a nice $15 to $20 monthly residual commission.

The perfect prospect for this service are frustrated network marketers who are actively looking for ways to build their business beyond their warm market. In other words, they need leads. So first things first. Venture up to the Free Google Keyword Tool and search for the product name first:

affiliate article marketing

Notice a LOT of people are searching for this product by NAME and there are also a few hundreds searches per month by people actually typing in “My Lead System Pro Review” which is what we call a BUYING PHRASE. Meaning the only reason why someone would be searching for a product review is because they are seriously considering making a purchase. So this would be a great keyword to focus your affiliate article marketing efforts around.

affiliate article marketing

Here we dug a little deeper to find the SOLUTION your target market wants. In this case, our target market is hungry for more leads so the idea would be to write a nice article around each phrase, publish the content and promote it to rank on the search engines. Do it right and you’ll have just created a very effective, very profit affiliate article marketing routine.

Affiliate Article Marketing Leverage

Another thing you should consider doing would be to write different versions of the same article and distribute them to hundreds, even thousands of the article directories available online. This accomplishes two things:

  1. You get more exposure for the same keyword phrase, and
  2. You get backinks to your original content to help it rank.

The only way you’re going to spread your articles throughout the web and bring in traffic from a variety of places is through syndication. There are many different ways you can syndicate including article directories, forums, ezines, newsletters, and many more.

One benefit to using article directories, is that in many cases those who want to follow your articles can easily by signing up for an RSS feed on your page. In many cases, some of your subscribers might be using your RSS feed to provide new content for the visitors on their websites.

There are many good options available to you including guest writing articles for a blog as well as sites that will syndicated your articles for you. One of the best ways to expose yourself to your target audience is to write content for a highly-visited site that will draw many eyeballs to your work.

Perhaps the best option is to automate the entire process. The tool we use is called Unique Article Wizard. You should check it out.

Affiliate article marketing is a great way to generate more traffic, leads and sales but you have to do it right. Think target marketing and extreme syndication and you’ll be well on your want to making a significant profit.

Rob Fore

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