Affiliate Article Marketing Strategies

Is “affiliate article marketing” still a good strategy today to get more traffic, leads and sales?

Depends on who you ask, really.

  • On one side – you have some pretty famous marketers who suggest content marketing might be the ONLY truly effective method of marketing left today on the Internet because you can build a brand and a following over time by simply being consistent.
  • On the other side – you have those who insist buying traffic using any variety of methods is the fastest, easiest and more scalable way to build a business fast.

Many profitable businesses do a combination of both to maximize profits.

For example, one powerful strategy is to run pay-per-click ads to your content WHILE waiting for your content marketing to gain momentum by ranking front page on the major search engines.

  • If you have more money, than time… BUY traffic.
  • If you have more time than money AND can write well… article marketing is a great option.

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What is Affiliate Article Marketing?

The internet runs on search and behind every search is a person who has turned to the internet for information, entertainment, and opinions about a variety of topics.

These people have a pressing problem, challenge or question and they are actively searching for more information, tips, tricks, tools and insights.

Your job is help answer these questions and make it easy for your best prospects to learn more about what you do and how you can best help them resolve their challenges.

Articles are one form of content, but other forms include videos, graphics, and surveys.


How to Properly Structure Your Content

The best content used for marketing have certain aspects in common:

  • They inform, educate, entertain, or express an opinion.
  • They are written in a way that keeps the reader's attention because Internet users have very short attention spans.
  • They lead into convincing readers to perform an action, and that action might be clicking through to your website to learn more, filling out a lead form, picking up the phone, or even buying the product, service or business opportunity you promote.

Think leads. Sales. Sign ups.

Where Should You Publish Your Articles?

Where do your best prospects spend their time online? Answer that question and you will know exactly where to publish and promote your affiliate marketing articles, videos and social media commentaries.

Your goal is to create compelling content and make it easy for the people in your target market to find and engage with that content.

Here are some places you can publish your articles:

  • You can publish on your own website or blog, and this is certainly where you should post your very best content. These articles can help you sell, but they can also help you establish your brand and build credibility as a trusted resource in your niche.
  • You can ask the owners and managers of other popular sites and blogs to post your articles as a guest post. Many of these site owners will allow you to link back to your site in a resource box or even in the article in exchange for your content.
  • You can submit to various article directories. Some people actually do find articles on these sites, read them, and click through. This does not work as well as it used to, but it still has a place in your overall marketing efforts.
  • Another great place to promote your value-based content is to look for forums, fan pages, groups and other areas that serve your target market specifically and become an active contributor there.

Focus on Solving Problems, Not Selling


No one likes to be sold anything, yet we all love to buy. Click To Tweet

Understanding this one powerful distinction can be THE DIFFERENCE that makes all the difference when it comes to effective and profitable affiliate article marketing.

People buy brands they have come to know, like, and trust.

We also buy from people and companies we have come to know, like, and trust.

So focus on building trust by helping your prospects solve their pressing problems and gently guide to a solution that makes the most sense for them. For example…

Are you promoting blenders?

Why not come up with some good recipes for smoothies or other treats that are easy to make in a blender? At certain points in the article, you can mention why the particular product you want to promote is a good choice for the reader's kitchen or this particular set of recipes.

Are you promoting tools or training you have invested in?

Master that particular tool and cut a video showing tips, tricks and other insider secrets you have learned that they can use to produce even better results normal. This offers incredible value to your audience and squarely positions you as a helpful consultant versus a hated salesperson.

Do you promote a business opportunity?

Produce content that helps answer everything your best prospects need to know to get started producing results fast. Share the benefits of why joining you and your team is a much better choice than joining another. Feature the unique VALUE you bring to the table others don't.

WHO is your best prospect? WHAT are they having challenges with you can help them solve? HOW can you get your VALUE in front of them? Answer those questions, take action and you're golden!

Let the Market Be Your Guide

One of the most powerful ways to start a great affiliate article marketing campaign is to use a keyword research tool like Google's free Keyword Planner to help you determine which words and phrases people are actually typing in when actively searching the internet for answers.

Then simply produce content that gives them exactly what they are searching for!

This is called “attraction marketing” and it works well because you are letting the market decide exactly what topics your affiliate article marketing campaign will consist of.

For example, this article… the article you are reading right now… was written BECAUSE thousands of people just like you literally sit down at their computer and search for more information about “affiliate article marketing” every month.

This article exists because YOU asked for it.

See how that works!

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