Advocare MLM – What You Need to Know

advocare mlmAdvoCare MLM is a multi-level marketing system that involves the sale of AdvoCare nutrition products.

AdvoCare’s product range includes nutritional supplements, weight loss products, sports performance products, and energy drinks and bars.

AdvoCare MLM is a large system, with more than 300,000 distributors signed up, although it is thought that only around 60,000 of those distributors are active and selling products.

This means that there are some major opportunities for people who want to join the AdvoCare family to make a profit.

How AdvoCare Works

AdvoCare’s product line includes more than 70 different products aimed at athletes, those who are looking to lose weight, and people who are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. The company was founded by Charles Ragus in 1990s, and has grown to become a major brand, sponsoring the Independence Bowl in Louisiana for many years, and also becoming the lead sponsor of the Texas Bowl as of 2014.

AdvoCare distributors can earn money in two different ways. The most common way for distributors to earn money is through the sale of AdvoCare products.

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The more products a distributor sells, the bigger a discount they qualify for, and therefore, the more commission they make. However, some distributors make money by recruiting fellow distributors to their “downline”. This is where the MLM part of the program comes in.

Using the AdvoCare MLM System – Building Your Business

AdvoCare MLM is unique in that it involves promoting something a little more unusual than your standard cosmetics or home appliance products. This is a good thing, because it means that AdvoCare distributors should find it easy to build a business around the products, especially assuming that it is something they are interested in selling.

Many of the most successful AdvoCare distributors are not skilled salespeople; rather, they are good at finding the right target audience and creating demand for their products.

Athletes and personal trainers often have a lot of success selling AdvoCare products at their gyms, and some of the lifestyle products go down well with weight loss groups as well. AdvoCare products can be marketed face-to-face or sold online.

The products lend themselves to attraction marketing principles quite well. Many successful marketers run YouTube channels or email lists where they offer weight loss, health, or exercise tips and then work in endorsements and recommendations for AdvoCare products.

Being Successful with Advocare MLM

AdvoCare MLM is an interesting program, and it is possible to achieve success if you are motivated and understand their product line well. However, the pricing structure for the program means that it is difficult to get off the ground.  AdvoCare products are sold on a three-tier system. There is a basic price for members of the general public, a distributor price (which is 20% off) and an “advisor” price (40% off).

AdvoCare distributors who sell enough products on a consistent basis to earn the 40% discount should be able to offer AdvoCare products at a price that is competitive enough to net lots of sales, but still offer a high enough profit margin for them to make a living wage. However, the base price of their products is very expensive compared to similar products from other companies.

Growing Your Brand

The AdvoCare brand is not as well-known as other sports supplement or weight-loss brands, and this means that affiliates are fighting an uphill battle to get noticed. However, a motivated and intelligent person can turn this to their advantage, carving out a niche in their community as being the “go-to” person for a highly specialized, high quality supplement.

Because they are promoting AdvoCare instead of, say, BPI Nutrition, the distributor does not have to worry about their customers deciding to go to a local sports supplement store to buy their favorite products. This kind of exclusivity is something that can be turned into a positive when in the right hands.

If you can master the art of attraction marketing and generating powerful leads from loyal customers, then AdvoCare is a good system to work with.

Success will require proactive networking and careful nurturing of your brand. If you are not willing to do this, then you may want to choose a less labor intensive niche for your MLM business.

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