Advertising Videos for Traffic, Leads and Sales

advertising videosThere are many different ways that you can advertise your business on the Internet.

For those who are working with a limited budget, you can publish articles, create blogs, and make regular posts, or you can take advantage of free classified ads that are available on the web.

If you are working with a limited budget, advertising on Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms is generally how most people spend their advertising dollars.

There is a third way that people advertise online, one that is extremely powerful and can actually be done for free. It provides a unique way of pre-selling the products that you have to offer, and can also take advantage of easy rankings on search engines.

This form of advertising can be done using online videos that people enjoy watching every day. Let’s take a look at why advertising videos are one of the most lucrative ways that you can start profiting with today.

The Power Of Advertising Videos

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When you use videos to advertise the products you are trying to sell, you are taking advantage of the popularity of videos. Not only are videos popular with viewers who enjoy watching content opposed to reading it, but the search engines are more likely to index a video that is targeting specific keywords than they will an article or a blog post referencing the same type of content.

By creating and uploading videos about the products that you want to sell or the business opportunities that you want to promote, by using the right keywords to target a specific type of visitor, you are weighing the odds in your favor of making a sale, or getting people to join your opportunity.

Videos can also be used for advertising, specifically on the YouTube advertising network. By creating a video and uploading it to your YouTube channel, you can then promote this video on the YouTube website.

With 1 billion or more unique users coming to YouTube every month to find content in every type of niche possible, you have the potential for making sales every month using video as an online marketing strategy.

Three Tips For Advertising Videos

There are three specific strategies that you should be using whenever you advertise videos on the web. These strategies will help you motivate people to join your opportunities, and also to buy the products that you want to sell. Let’s take a look at what these three tips are, and how you can incorporate them into any marketing video that you create.

Tip #1 – Use Targeted Keywords

The first tip is to always use your primary keyword in the title, description, and your video tags, with tags that represent the keywords that you want to rank for. By uploading this video and using your target keywords in the aforementioned manner, not only will you get traffic from advertising videos on the YouTube website, but you can derive organic traffic on Google by optimizing your video content this way.

Tip #2 – Use Your URL In The Video

The second strategy that you should use is to always have a call to action. This can be done by placing an image of your website URL at the bottom of the video throughout the totality of the video itself. You should also place this URL as a hyperlink at the top of the video description. This gives people the ability to see your link during the video and then click through to your website to see what you have to offer.

Tip #3 – Create A Viral Aspect To The Video

The third strategy is to create a viral aspect to the video, one that will motivate people to share it with others. The viral aspect can be something completely bizarre or strange that motivates people to tell their friends about it.

Funny videos, scary videos, and other types of videos that are memorable and catch people’s attention are the most shared types of videos on the web, and provide you with the potential for generating free viral traffic.

By incorporating something funny, strange, or utterly bizarre into your marketing videos, you can drive an enormous amount of free traffic if your advertising videos actually go viral.

Using these simple strategies for advertising your videos, as well as the three tips to generate even more traffic, you can use YouTube and the search engines to your advantage to help you drive targeted traffic to your products and offers. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create a unique and informative video that people will want to share.

Additionally, your advertising dollars will be well spent by attracting potential customers and individuals that may want to join your opportunity by using the YouTube advertising network.

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