Simple Steps to Advertise Your YouTube Channel

advertise your youtube channelYouTube video advertising continues to be an effective solution for promoting online and off-line businesses, providing a phenomenal return on investment.

However, many marketers are challenged in the best methods for advertising a YouTube channel effectively. The following simple steps eliminate much of the guesswork.

Search Engine Optimization

A significant aspect to advertise your YouTube channel involves basic search engine optimization (SEO). Using effective titles is one of the key ingredients to optimizing search engine results, when online visitors type keywords into a search query. Using a string of keywords tends to generate more return hits in a video search. Consider making each title clear, grammatically correct, and direct about the content it contains.

Other SEO Pointers for your YouTube Channel

In addition to making the title clear and concise, the video description also needs to be clear and to the point. Videos with missing descriptions tend to have low response hits in search engine queries. Effective descriptions should include phrases in keywords to ensure that Google and YouTube spiders properly index the video for a search engine result.

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Creating a Custom Channel

Before you can be fully successful when you advertise your YouTube channel, you need to ensure that your channel is fully customized. This means that the channel needs to act and appear uniquely different from all competitors. This will provide greater attention when visitors land on the site. Consider personalizing displays and graphics in the channel videos, and use a series format, especially if you are seeing good results from your advertising efforts.

Graphics used on the custom channel should never be overwhelming. Online visitors will avoid any channel that appears unprofessional or is too loud in a visual or audio experience. Remember that less is often more, and that a minimalistic design will highlight the video and information, without calling direct attention to itself.

Returning Visitors

Encouraging return visits is an ideal solution for increasing traffic to your YouTube channel. Many times, creating serial videos edited in a similar format works as an ideal solution for keeping visitors at the site. Consider answering different questions, or solving different problems that can all be watched one after another.

Creating a playlist of your videos can help increase traffic, and automate the list so that as soon as one video ends, the following one is queued and ready to start. However, it is important to avoid placing too many videos on the list that can easily turn your online viewers off.

Off-Site Advertising

A surefire way to add more visitors to the site is to advertise off-site. If you already run a blogging site, consider incorporating one video each week into your blog post. This type of advertising is free, and can often take less time than writing content to post. This type of free solution to advertise your YouTube channel is especially beneficial if you have a moderate amount of traffic on your blogging site.

Additionally, social media is a proven method to advertise your YouTube channel for free. Consider posting YouTube videos to your current Twitter feed or Facebook timeline. Your efforts can likely generate more clicks and higher conversions.

In addition, consider less popular social media sites including and post a link to your YouTube channel as a way to drive more traffic to your site. If the video is entertaining and unique, it can often be shared other places on the Internet, creating a viral publicity boost.

Direct Advertising Options for Your YouTube Channel

Many individuals that have a YouTube channel have not yet developed a large blogging or social media presence. Fortunately, other options are available, including advertising directly on the YouTube channel. Marketers often use Google AdWords to draw in online visitors already watching videos on their channel. In addition, a new targeted audience can be attracted through direct advertising on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

It is important not to neglect traditional networking advertisement options. Consider printing your YouTube channel URL on every business card, email/forum signature or other printed material or online posts.

It is possible to advertise your YouTube channel affordably and efficiently with minimal work and effort. The above methods are ideal solutions for getting the word out about your YouTube channel and the information or entertainment it provides.

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