Profitable Ways to Advertise on Youtube

advertise on youtubeThere are many different ways to advertise products on the Internet.

The most recognizable way to do online marketing, at least in the last 10 years, has been to use Google Adwords to advertise on the Google search engine.

In the last couple years, Facebook has become a very popular way to tap into the power of social media by using a similar type of advertising platform.

However, instead of running regular ads that allow people to click on textual links, advertising on YouTube has taken online marketing to a completely different level. If you have ever been to the YouTube website and searched for specific types of videos, you may have realized that many people advertise videos in a similar way.

By creating a video of your own and uploading it to your YouTube channel, you are able to drive targeted traffic to your websites and offers using the power of video. This article will address the different ways to advertise on YouTube and profit from your efforts using simple strategies that you can implement today.

How To Start Advertising On YouTube

In order to advertise on YouTube, there are four things that you need to have.

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First, you need an account on Google, which can be either a Gmail account or a Google  + account. Second, you must have a Google Adwords account on Google so that you can place advertisements. Third, you need a YouTube channel which can be obtained using your Google account information.

Finally, you will need to create a YouTube video that you upload to your YouTube channel so that you can start advertising on YouTube.

How To Make A Profitable YouTube Video

Regardless of the product or service that you are trying to sell, the type of video that you make should be constructed in a similar manner. The video should be at least a minute long, with a call to action in the first 10 to 20 seconds.

This should be an invitation to visit a website which offers your product or service. You can also create interest in what it is you are selling by generating an enticing video that creates curiosity.

These are probably the best ones to make, as you are tapping into the viewer’s emotions. Instead of asking them to visit your website to see more about the products you’re selling, an inspirational or enticing video can motivate them to want to see more.

The video should be shot using Camtasia or Jing, screen capture programs that can easily create a video, especially when using Microsoft PowerPoint. You might want to set the video to music, and also add your URL at the bottom of the video throughout its entirety so that viewers will know where to go. Once done, this is what you will upload to YouTube in an MP4 format.

Once the process is complete, and the video is fully rendered, it’s time to create your Google Adwords advertising campaign.

Dual Benefits When You Advertise On YouTube

Once the video is ready for viewing, there are actually two benefits that you will receive when advertising on YouTube. The first benefit will be derived from all of the traffic you will receive by targeting specific keywords when creating your advertising campaign. The second benefit will be based upon the title, description, and tags that you used when you uploaded the video to YouTube.

This will help index the video, not only in the YouTube serps, but also in the Google search engine. This will help you gain more targeted visitors who may be looking for what you have to sell. Depending upon how good the video is, and what target audience you are going after, it could become a very profitable video for you.

When you advertise on YouTube, you are literally opening up the door to a more beneficial way of targeting potential customers. Instead of using text links to drive traffic to your offer, you are using the power of video to motivate them with imagery, sound, and emotions. Additionally, your video will also rank on the Google search engine for the keywords that you select.

YouTube videos are an excellent way to start generating targeted traffic to any product or service you have to offer, a unique way of advertising that many marketers are using today.

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