Using Effective Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

advanced internet marketingMost online entrepreneurs understand the concept behind PPC (pay per click) advertising, link exchanges, banners, and other marketing techniques.

However, exactly what are advanced Internet marketing strategies, and how can they help your business?

In fact, there are essential basic building blocks to advanced Internet marketing that are known to drive more targeted traffic to your creative site.

More traffic could have a direct impact on improved conversion rates and greater profits. These building blocks include:

Quality Website Design

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When the Internet was young, websites were crammed full of graphics, with flashing bells and whistles in an effort to look appealing. Fortunately, those days are long gone, although many sites have avoided updating to a more professional look.

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Quality web design makes the most of functionality, navigation, and simple to understand logic. This is important because most online visitors will decide within 5 to 8 seconds after landing on the website if they will be staying or not.

Because of that, it is essential to develop a website with easy navigation, fast-loading pages, and high contrast quality text, while limiting pictures, videos, and photographs to those that are most essential.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the utilization of tools that can optimize a search engine query result. This means that when the user types in a query in a search engine box, they are likely to get the results they want. Hopefully, the search engine results page (SERP) has your company listed near the top.

Search engine optimization involves a variety of tools including descriptions, meta-tags, page headings, pertinent content (both visual and text), and keywords.

To be successful, the keywords and key phrases used must be carefully chosen and placed properly. The content needs to be useful and interesting, and directly relevant to the site.

This is because Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, and other major search engines analyze every bit of data on the website to determine its relevancy in a search engine query. Search engines will use each of these factors when ranking the company, when a visitor in types in specific keywords into a search engine.

A Call to Action

Any time a visitor lands on your site, they should not simply sit still and look around. Instead, your web design, navigational tools, and quality content should be directing them to move to a specific area of the site and perform a call to action.

Placing a clear “call to action” on every page helps improve your conversion rates. This might be something along the order of “Purchase This Item,” “Add to Cart,” “Contact Us Now,” or “Limited Time Offer.”

Placing the proper called action on every website page prompts visitors to take the specific action you need to create the response you want.

More Strategies for Advanced Internet Marketing – Effective Landing Pages

Over the last few years, landing pages have evolved. Once they were nothing more than a “squeeze page” where visitors were asked to register or get a free offer.

However, effective landing pages in today’s Internet world tend to be an exciting place to visit, filled with quality content and a well-positioned call to action. It provides valuable information to every online visitor and serves as an efficient marketing tool to promote the sales and services your company provides.

Social Media

When social media first hit the Internet, it was a great way for individuals to communicate with one another. Today, social media platform sites serve as an ideal advanced internet marketing tool for successful businesses. In fact, advanced Internet marketing strategies are usually based around social media sites. They are used to communicate directly with existing and potential customers.

Social media sites are also used by businesses for customer service relations. The company can build its reputation and improve its brand using Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, and others.

It provides an open forum for consumers to have direct contact with the company and to leave comments, feedback, critique, and reviews about the products and services provided by you.

The above advanced Internet marketing strategy tools are only the tip of the iceberg. There are also nurturing email marketing, analytics, mobile marketing, and others that can increase conversion rates and eventually profits.

Successful online businesses generally incorporate a variety of these strategies to improve their bottom line, and develop better relationships with their customer base.

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