Secrets You Should Know About ACN MLM

ACN, inc. is a company that specializes in providing TV, telecoms, and energy services.

ACN was first launched in 1993, and at that time, it limited its operations to the United States.

In fact, ACN stands for American Communications Network. In 1999, the company expanded to target Europe, and then in 2006, it began to operate in the Pacific.

A further round of expansion in 2011 added Asia to its operational network, and today the company has operations in 23 different countries. ACN MLM is a member of the European and North American branches of the Direct Selling Association.

Is the ACN MLM Program a Scam, or Not?

ACN has received some bad publicity, but no more than any other MLM scheme.

The company aims to comply with direct selling laws, and does make it clear to prospective Independent Business Owners that not all sales people make a profit.

Working as an IBO for ACN Inc. is not easy, because the ACN network is not that well-known, and most people are resistant when they are contacted about changing their TV, telecoms, or energy provider. However, if you are a good salesperson and you are dedicated to making your business work, you can make money with ACN MLM.

What sets ACN apart from other MLM companies that are scams is that with ACN, you are selling a real product. This means that if you can persuade people that the product is worth buying, the business model is sustainable. The people at the top of the pyramid stand to make the most, but if you can find customers, you can earn commission, so you are not simply selling a downline – you are selling a real product.

What You Should Know About the Business of ACN – How it Works

ACN’s Independent Business Owners sell a range of services to consumers. Those services include telephony, internet services, gas, electricity, home security, automation, and television services. Because you are promoting services that people area already familiar with and already use, the sales barrier is lower.

This means that it is a good marketing option for people who are not particularly experienced salespeople. Instead of having to do the work of creating a need or an attraction, all you have to do is change the person’s value assessment.

It is much easier to persuade someone that the TV service you are selling is just as good as the one they already have, but better value for money, than it is to persuade someone who does not have a TV service that they should buy one.

When you are promoting ACN services, you can approach each prospective customer with the overture that you are not selling something, you are simply “trying to save them money.” It is a rare person indeed who does not want to save money, so this approach works well for getting people to listen.

Why You Should Use ACN MLM and Making it Work for You

ACN offers both residential and corporate services. This means that Independent Business Owners have a lot of freedom when it comes to promoting products. If you don’t like the idea of selling to your friends, family, and neighbors, you can promote ACN’s products online, or you can opt for a B2B approach, contacting small businesses and offering them services such as telephony, payment processing, and utilities.

B2B marketing requires a different skill set than B2C marketing, and there are many people who find it much easier to hone their sales skills when they are dealing with a business.

The commission offered by ACN MLM is quite competitive, and it is possible to make a living as a full time salesperson for the company. The MLM aspect of the business is optional, but it is worth exploring

If you want to focus on selling the small business products, recruiting others to do residential services in your area (or vice versa) could be a good way to bolster your income. Just be aware that as with other MLM opportunities, you will not become a millionaire overnight.

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