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What is Tribepro, exactly?

  • Need more backlinks to help your site rank… today?
  • Need more traffic to your web site… today?
  • Need more leads and sales… today?

Tribe Marketing by TribePro

Here’s the deal…

If you are serious about using the internet to take your business to the next level then you know the secret is to get more highly targeted traffic to your web site, blog, social media accounts and videos.

Because EXPOSURE is the name of the game.

He who tells the most, sells the most.

The challenge is there are basically only three ways of making this happen:

  • Organic Search SEO – Get your content to rank high on the front page of the search engines for the keywords and phrase people are actively searching for when in the market for your products, services or business opportunity.
  • Paid Search – Pay to get your content to rank on the search engine and other highly visited web sites on a per-click or per-viewed basis.
  • Direct Traffic – Participate in forums and other high traffic sites and encourage people to visit your web sites by adding links in your signature area.

The most powerful of the three, long-term, is to get your content to rank organically. Which means actively and aggressively promoting your content to get backlinks. Lots and lots of backlinks. Because backlinks are what cause a page to rank higher in the search engines.

But what if you could find a way to get hundreds, even thousands of backlinks from a variety of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other sites with both traffic and authority?

Drum roll, please…

Tribe Marketing by TribePro

Originally the concept of tribe marketing meant creating a social group or community that was centered around a particular product or service and let the tribe help endorse and promote your products or services by simply participating.

Think WebMD or any active after-sale forum online.

But today, thanks to automated services like Tribepro, tribe marketing can mean much, much more than that. Here is a short list of incredible powerful tribe marketing benefits:

  • You get instant authority site backlinks
  • You get instant Facebook likes and shares
  • You get instant Tweets and Retweets
  • You get dozens of non-spam blog comments
  • Your content ranks higher on the search engines
  • You get more traffic, leads and sales
  • You get INSTANT targeted traffic

Oh, and did I mention you get INSTANT targeted traffic, leads and sales? I’m serious, and we’ll talk more about that in a second. But first…

Tribepro Tribe Marketing Basics

Tribepro tribe marketing works like this.

You have content you want to promote. I have content I want to promote. We both may or may not be going after the same target market in the same niche. It doesn’t matter. Because our goal within the tribe marketing concept is to now WORK TOGETHER to help promote each others content.

So we either create a new tribe or we join an existing tribe within tribepro and we begin “sharing” other others content. Each time we share content by tweeting or liking or posting a bookmark on Reddit, Digg, Google Bookmarks or on any of the other dozens of social bookmarking sites we earn share points. Accumulate 10 share points and now we can post content to be shared.

Tribepro Tribe Marketing Can Be Automated

To take full advantage of the tribe marketing concept you must be willing and able to automatically share other member’s content through a variety of social media networks. The idea is the more content you share, the more content your tribe marketing team members will share of yours.

The easiest, fastest way to get both share and get your content shared is through auto-syndication which is very easy to set up.

First, you need to join and set up a free account and sign up for all the social media sites. Take your time, add a profile picture and a short bio for each service. You will be using this new account for many, many years so spend the time necessary in the beginning to get it set up properly.

Next, consider upgrading to the $10 or more per month account so you can share at least 1,000 times per month. Personally, I have upgraded to be able to share at least 5,000 times per month because the more YOU SHARE the more your content will be shared. Later, if necessary, I’ll upgrade to be able to share even more.

Finally, once you have your onlywire account established, simply upgrade to Tribepro PLUS or Tribepro PRO and follow the instructions to auto-syndicate other tribe marketing member’s content and, if you want, have your content auto submitted and auto-syndicated as well.

Tribe Marketing Results

After using the tribepro tribe marketing system for less than 60 days and spending less than a hour a week making new auto-syndication connections, I currently enjoy the benefits of having more than 30 people sharing my content.

It works like this…

I post content. WITHIN SECONDS over 30 people auto-syndicate the content and over 600+ new mentions have been placed on twitter, facebook, blogs and various social bookmarking sites worldwide.

Imagine the power of this later when you have 100, even 200 or more people auto-syndicating your content.


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Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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  1. Niquelle Wright says

    Hi Rob, thanks for all of the great information. Is it better to mask the EN urls before submitting to Tribepro and the other tools so that the links will be accepted?

    • says

      I never mask my links – I don’t know why a person would want to do that. Supposedly, the shortened url will pass the same SEO juice so it cannot hurt.

  2. Colton Bridges says

    Rob you never fail when I need info. Thanks lol you most likly help me in your sleep

  3. LUIS HEREDIA says

    HI ROB, i been following you and trying to watch all of you trainings, tanks for all you do for the comunity, my question is if is wort it to get this program ? ( tribepro) to create more traffic even if am not doing SEO. thank you for your time.

  4. says

    Hi Rob,
    I have been following you in the background and watching how you do your marketing. I have decided to follow you and your marketing strategy and stick to it over the long run. My wife and I have been successful in several mlm’s but want to bring our business to the next level. We feel that is possible by following what you do and recommend on your blogs and websites. I will be joining TribePro and want to know if it’s best to set up new Twitter and FB accounts. Also I have a network marketing review site that I am working on and wanted to know if I should use my business yahoo E-mail account that is attached to this post or should I make a new E-mail account using my network marketing review website. My marketing has been erratic in the past and I’m trying to put a solid plan in effect and do not mind spending some money to do so. I spend way too much time going from one social networking site to the next one putting up post. I also spend a lot of time doing bookmarking and posting on blog sites with post with backlinks. We are ready to automate our business as much as possible and start traveling and meeting some of our friends that we have met online. At 61 years old my wife and I are ready to see the world and do things and go places we had only dreamed of doing. We are so close to see our dreams come true and feel the only part missing is to having everything running on automatic. We really love MLM and know it is the vehicle by which we will be able to achieve our dreams. We are so looking forward to building a worldwide business as part of our travels. I will end with that and wait for your reply.

    Thanks so much,
    Bill and Robin

    • says

      Absolutely, Bill – you don’t want to use your REAL FB or Twitter as these accounts risk being shut down depending on how many posts get run through them.

      I would also use a different email for all of your marketing. The more you get out there the more spam will find it’s way to you so keeping your business/working email off the net as much as you can is a good idea. Plus, using a different email for each marketing “funnel” is a good idea so you can keep a better handle on things.

      Automation is the way to do. I tend to do things “by hand” until I know what needs to be done, then I automate as much as possible to get our time back. That we can “create wealth WHILE having a life.”