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Tracey WalkerTracey Walker is the Duplication Diva of network marketing.

But wait!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

MLM Prospecting Duplication

Tracey Walker is a master at getting her team to take action and duplicate.

Which means Tracey is building her business at super-sonic speed because of the leveraged results she enjoys through the duplication process.

I mean, getting your team to take action and start the mlm prospecting process is the “holy grail” of this business.

Because without massive downline duplication we really have nothing more than a glorified commissioned sales job.

Think about it. You might be a mlm sponsoring machine. But if no one else is signing people up in your downline, you do not have a true network marketing business and you will probably never achieve true time and financial freedom in the business.

In fact, without a health dose of duplication – you will quite often find yourself barely able to sponsor fast enough to keep ahead of the attrition coming up from behind.

Tracey Walker MLM Prospecting Secrets

At a recent MLSP Mastermind Leadership Retreat (where we cut the video), Tracey shared with me her incredible story and accomplishments:

Because I have an MBA in Marketing from Florida A&M University, when I joined mlm I figured I would hit the ball right from the park …in virtually no time flat! So I took what my “thriving” upline was teaching and ran with it.

I used to do phone calls, give hundreds of presentations and hand out flyers and business cards at each networking event. I bought space at huge expos and that I even chased people down a couple hours every day at the shopping mall.

The final straw was after I bought mlm leads and spent hour upon hour on the phone, sifting and sorting and pretty much getting no where fast – essentially wasting time. So I made the decision to find a different way and switched to the internet, learned a couple of techniques and actually started making money.

When I grew to become more skilled, I utilized my internet marketing skills to personally enroll over 70 marketers during my second company… and I became one of the ten recruiters of all time in the largest attraction marketing systems on the planet where I now host a weekly mlm sponsoring and recruiting training call.

Interestingly, Tracey’s story of going from struggling newbie to becoming an online network marketing superstar is not uncommon.

Because once you learn how to put “marketing” back into the network marketing equation and learn how to generate highly targeted leads on demand, you will find yourself connecting with more people… and you will become a much, much better at mlm prospecting in the process.

Then it is simply a matter of connecting with your team and train them to do the same thing.

Thank you, Tracey. You are truly a leader in the industry.

May you continue to bless and be richly blessed,



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