Proven Insider Tips for Marketing

tips for marketingBefore discussing the tips for marketing, let’s first define what marketing can do.

Marketing is a powerful tool for business.

With the knowledge of marketing strategies, you’re able to steer people to the direction you want them to go and become a big influence in their daily lives.

On the other hand, as a consumer, having complete knowledge of the different marketing strategies will let you know which companies are genuine in their advertisements.

If you have a business, or if you’re part of a business, here are some tips for marketing that you might want to read through.

If you are a consumer and you want to be aware of the strategies that these companies take, then feel free to read through these tips for marketing.

1.    Know Your Product

This is the most basic step in the tips for marketing list. You need some knowledge about the positives and negatives of your product. You need to completely familiarize yourself with every bit of information that you can gather about what you’re selling.

Once you know your product inside and out, look at the competitor’s product. What edge do you have over them? What can you do to set your product apart from theirs?

If your product has certain flaws that might affect the consumer’s response to it, find a marketing angle that will make that flaw look good. Marketing is about having a presentation that’s convincing enough that it would almost be a sin not to patronize your product.

If that seems like an impossible feat for you, then continue reading the rest of the tips for marketing.

2.    Isolate Your Target Market

Once you’ve found out everything about the product you’re marketing, you have to find out who will be the perfect demographic for your item. It’s an essential item in these tips for marketing because it will dictate your next steps. For instance, if your product is a pen that never runs out of ink, then your main target market would be students and those who work in offices.

Once you have restricted your demographic to students and office workers, then all your marketing collaterals will revolve around this. You can have commercials that take place in a school or an office. You can also rent a booth in a university fair and sell your pens. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, or sometimes, your budget.

If you truly have no idea as to who will use your product, you can conduct a survey. Surveys are great because you can reach people from different backgrounds.

If you feel like you already know how to take these two tips into practice, continue on the rest of the tips for marketing to learn how to maximize your newfound knowledge.

3.    Find Out What’s Trending

Another item within the tips for marketing that need to be maximized is the trending topics. Trending topics are topics that people are talking about both on the internet and outside of it. In order for you to be on top of what’s trending, you need to be always connected to the different social media sites online.

Aside from that, you also need to keep yourself updated through watching TV, listening to the radio and reading magazines and newspaper. You need to be in the middle of the pop culture scene and see what’s happening around you. As mentioned in the earlier parts of the tips for marketing, you need to keep in touch with your target demographic and know what they’re interested in.

Once you have successfully done this, you can use what’s trending to your advantage. Let’s go back to the pen that never runs out of ink. For instance, you saw something on the news about an office that got robbed. You can work that into your commercial, having an office that gets robbed but instead of taking the money, the robber takes the pens that never run out of ink.

If you are looking to expand to other marketing mediums, then don’t stop right here.

Continue Reading the Following Tips for Marketing to See Your Other Options

4.    Your Marketing Medium

Any list of tips for marketing would surely include having to develop your marketing strategy. There are so many more marketing mediums apart from TV commercials. Picking the right one would be dependent on your target demographic.

If your target market is the elderly members of society, then you should advertise on the newspaper or other print media. If you’re targeting the adults, then opt for a TV commercial. For young adults, you have online social media sites.

For teens, online social media sites might also work but it would wise to also target the parents of the teens since teens are still dependents. The same principle applies if your target market is babies.

Despite the aforementioned in these tips for marketing, there are also other marketing mediums that aren’t specific to certain demographics. An example would be billboards.

Billboards are up there for everyone to see and you cannot necessarily control who sees those billboards. So if you do not necessarily have a specific target demographic, then a billboard would be the optimum choice.

After choosing the most suitable marketing medium for your product, you need to have some form of assessment to see if your chosen format is effective by conducting studies or releasing another set of surveys. Then you should gather your findings and adjust accordingly.

If you feel like these aren’t the most effective marketing mediums for your product, we have one last item on this list of tips for marketing.

5.    Alternative Marketing Mediums

Aside from the marketing mediums mentioned earlier in the list of tips for marketing, there are more alternative marketing mediums to tap. Through the internet, a lot more marketing mediums have been made available.

You can now buy ad spaces in different websites with the price depending on its location on the site. Another more popular method that companies have started to use is the different online personalities who have blogs or video channels and are open to working with companies. This is very important information in these tips for marketing because most online personalities would do the advertising for minimal compensation.

So if you’re looking to set up a marketing plan for your product, then keep these tips for marketing in mind. Marketing is a great tool for any company to grow bigger and these tips for marketing will definitely help you sell your product.

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