Power Lead System

You heard about the new Power Lead System

But can you really make money promoting it?

In this “Power Lead System Review” let’s take a hard, honest look at the program – both the pros and cons – so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

Rob ForeHi, my name is Rob Fore.

Since 1996, my wife Lisa and I have made a full-time executive nultiple six-figure income working part-time in our spare time online.

In the past two years our income has increased dramatically.


Because two years ago… 100% commission programs became hot.

Today this new breed of affiliate programs are STILL HOT… and the new Power Lead System promises to become of the best because they offer a unique twist.

Now, before we go too much further…

Watch these Power Lead System videos to get a better idea about the program, how it pays and feel for a few of the features and benefits. Then let’s chat more about it.

Power Lead System Review

Did you watch the entire playlist?

If not, why not?

The reason I ask is because MOST people join programs because of the hype and promise of making easy money fast.

Yet the unfortunately reality is MOST people never make a dime.

Because MOST people really have no clue what they are getting into and they really want to believe “this time” or “this product” or “this new shiny deal” will somehow magically sell or promote itself when, in reality…

…well, you and I both know better. Right?

A product, service or business opportunity WILL NOT sell itself.

So do yourself a favor and DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.

Watch the videos. All of the videos.

Take a close, hard, open-minded minded look at the entire Power Lead System product first – then come back and let’s dissect the money-making reality a bit more.

Power Lead System Compensation Plan

Here’s the bottom line – if you do not promote the Power Lead System you will not make any money.

None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

If you do promote the program by taking consistent action over an extended period of time – you may go on to make quiet fortune in the next few months (and we’ll talk more about the HOW to promote the system here in a minute).

Because the “twist” that makes this program so unique is you earn a 50% matching bonus on all the monies earned by the people you pass up.

This is unheard of in the 100% commission industry!

And this is important because you may sign up a SUPER STAR who winds up being passed to your referrer.

In most programs this means YOU LOSE.

In this new Power Lead System program – YOU WIN! Because you will earn a 50% commission on everything they do.

So there is NO RISK of you signing up a heavy hitter and losing out. It’s a brilliant twist on an already proven model.

Now, for me and my family fortune – this ONE THING pretty much cinched the deal because I currently make about $30,000 per month promoting another 100% commission program and have passed up and lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. With PLS – this will never happen. It can’t. And worse case scenario, if you do pass up a superstar producer you will get paid HALF of everything they do forever.

Power Lead System Scam ?!

Search the internet far and wide for “power lead system scam” and I’m confident you will find dozens of different blog posts, forum posts and even Youtube videos that fall into one of two categories:

  • People who got in, did nothing and are disgruntled about it
  • People who simply use the word SCAM to catch attention

Promoting a “scam” headline is a pretty popular way to drive visitors to your product reviews because it works.

No one wants to get cheated out of their hard-earned money so if you promote a WARNING – it catches attention. Then, of course, you simply let people know it there is nothing to worry about.

But the majority of “scam” posts you find will come from people who simply BOUGHT THE DREAM without thinking it through as a business. How will you promote the program? How will you get traffic, leads and sales?

So let’s talk more about that now…

Power Lead System Marketing Plan

I actually signed up for the program after spotting a post on Facebook.

I clicked the link, watched the videos and immediately signed up on the spot.

So one of the fastest, easiest ways to get into profit is to simply SHARE the program with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • If you have an email list, send out a broadcast.
  • Visit a few forums about “making money” and write a few “reviews” and post them (this is free).
  • Post ads on free classified sites.
  • Post video reviews on Youtube
  • Write a few blog posts
  • Run a few paid ads

In the back office PLS, you will be given access to private training and tools designed to help you promote the program for profit.

The difference that makes all the difference is YOU.

Will YOU follow the step-by-step instructions, sign up, and take CONSISTENT effort over time?

If you do, you will make money. If you don’t, you won’t.

Simple as that.

Plus, keep in mind you only need to sign up ONE person like me and… that’s it! If you did nothing else, ever… you will still make money!

Once you get into the back office, you will find PSL is really a complete marketing system in a box and the WHAT you decide to promote is entirely up to you.

Power Lead System comes with a handful of ready-to-go splash pages and videos that promote PLS so all you need to do is sign up and drive traffic.

Buy you can also build your own splash pages with the system and promote anything else you might be involved it.

Bottom line – the program gets TWO THUMBS UP from me.

Power Lead SystemBless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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What challenges are you struggling with? What have you learned here today?

How can I best help you produce the results you are looking for?


  1. says

    I joined PLS. I called my upline for help, he has no clue. I am using it to market Karatbars. I have built mu Karatbars team to about 316 since I joined. I won the Bellagio incentive, I got so excited about it. I am looking to join PLS under someone who is serious, and knows the system and doesn’t mind offering help, especially regarding codes. PLS has been the best system of the 4 I have tried. I want to work with someone in PLS who will be my upline, but the perfect world would that they would also see value in marketing 1 gram gold ingots, because of the logical genus that gold is actual currency, and is not that what we entrepreneurs strive for?

    • says

      Patrick – thanks for sharing your frustrations because I think this happens more than most people know. Where you sign up and get no help from your sponsor. But in many cases your sponsor may or may not be actively involved and may or may not know any more about the program than you do. So personally I take complete responsibility to learn what I need to learn, hit up support or ask questions in the forums and just work it out. Don’t count on your sponsor. Count on yourself.

  2. Jec Mier says

    Hi rob,

    Thank you so much for this post! it really answered my questions in my mind regarding power lead system!

  3. barry grosvenor says

    I have a question Rob. Can I start this program by promoting the power lead system. I am sincerely interested.

  4. Dan McCall says

    Rob, I watched all the videos.. Not sure if you have used the Google Hangout feature yet yourself.. It appears they are designed to promote and market Power Lead System Pro only? Are they Customizable like the Lead Capture pages are, ect do you know?

  5. Liz says

    Hi Rob
    Just came across your blog and watch all the videos on all the marketing platforms that you are apart of. My question is, being fairly challenged with the internet and computer in general, what would you recommend first? MLSP, EN, or PLS, not that I wouldn’t end up marketing all of them once I learn how to create leads and convert them? Thanks, Liz

  6. Edwin McEwan says

    Hey Rob,

    Do you use the Power Lead System to promote your EN business ie do you set up EN as your primary business in the Power Lead System funnel or do you promote both businesses separately? I recently enrolled for EN however not on your team. I am preparing to enrol in Power Lead System will you then allow access to you EN team training?

    • says

      You can use PLS to promote whatever you want. I actually just use the splash page builders to make it easy to promote whatever… including EN.

  7. Andrew Zharikov says

    Hi, Rob! Greetings from Russia! Since I’m in your email list, I always track offers which you send and this offer about PLS is GREAT! I never liked the idea of passing up PERSONALLY invited people to someone else in EN. The PLS twist is really great idea.

    Today is September 30. So, is today an official launch?

    • says

      Andrew – have to agree with you there. By getting a 50% match on everyone you bring in… including passups… good deal. But yeah, they will start taking paid sign ups today at 1pm pacific time. That will continue for three days to lock in everyone in the prelaunch. Then the game is on!

  8. says

    Thanks Rob, thanks for the awesome review… I’m using MLSP right now but PLS looks very cool. I’ve been studying POPP Marketing for the past few days! By the way, I know this may be kind of a newb question but how do you integrate the “buttons” on your posts? Is this a plugin??

    • says

      Hey Collin – depends on which kind of buttons. If it is IN the post, no… that is just a graphic. If it is a SHARE button for FB, Twitter, etc., yeah – plugin and there are lots of them.

  9. says

    Hi Rob…my name is Boyd King but I go by Lenny. I just signed up under you for PLS. I was looking at the opportunity & thought it looked great but when I saw that a giant like yourself was in I KNEW it was for real. I am thrilled to be on your team. I wanted to ask you how a newbie like myself can make this opportunity with PLS explode for me. You see I have only started to begin my online marketing career & am a techno simpleton. Where can I find a copy of
    “Online Marketing for Dummies”….lol. I’d appreciate some advice. Thanks….Lenny

  10. says

    Mr. Fore I am a Certified Trainer for Priceless Possibilities the company who created the custom system that is The Power Lead System… I firmly stand behind the features, The Free Lead System and the Accelerated Leverage Comp Plan that the PLS will bring to the industry. I am elated that someone of your prominant stature in our industry has given the PLS Not One But Two Thumbs Ups. The ability to be paid on your Roll-Ups was a Brilliant Twist to the The PLS Comp Plan and you are so right all it takes is to have one leader to sign up and for them to fall on your 100% or 50% Payline and it’s a win. But I say why stop there…Get Out There & Start Sharing Your Unique Links & Let’s Make It Happen. Thanks for your leadership.

    • says

      Wow Andrea – I spotted your comment and almost fell of my chair… a LEGEND has landed. LOL

      But, yeah, for the average person just getting started online – the new Power Lead System is incredible – literally giving you a roadmap to riches IF you get in, learn what you need to learn and take action. For those more skilled online or for those who already have a list or marketing funnel set up… my gosh! Incredible opportunity to create yet another six-figure income stream.

  11. Duke says

    Hi Rob…….I have been getting countless email from you in regards to the Empire Network…..Yes I have watched the videos about the business…You have won and I’m very reluctant to go that next step…however if you personally can give me a one on one call and HELP me in getting started and give me the advise I need, only then will I be able to join your Team and hopefully get me out of a dead end situation. Thank you for your time……Duke. ( +61431145614 )

    • says

      Hey Duke – the beauty of building an online business is we do not have to call people. Since I have over 11,000 people on my various teams, I make the time to work with people who take action. Plain and simply. If you need to be convinced to join a business… you’ll need to go work with someone else as I spend my time working with people who take action. ALL the training you will ever need to get in, get busy and produce a result we make available in our private Empower Network team training site. We are also aligned with the Prosperity Team system which has a built in traffic system and a system that calls your leads for you.

    • says

      You will have options when it goes live… free, $29.95 if you just want to promote it… or $59.95 if you want to promote it and use it. The idea is to sign up free now, promote it like crazy prelaunch… then see if you will be in profit or not. A true win-win right now.

      • Michael Price says


        This is Michael Price founder of Priceless Possibilities (the company behind the “service” for the Power Lead System).

        Thanks so much for a great blog post and I wanted to correct your numbers as it is just #23.97 (not $29.97) to be an affiliate. As well, you do need to be a Customer 1st (which is $30 per month) before you can be an affiliate (i.e. someone can not be an affiliate without being a customer).

        Let us know how to support you as huge things are happening!

        Wishing you God’s BEST,

  12. Nikki Caldwell says

    Hi Rob,
    I received your newsletter today introducing the power lead system. I’m highly interested in this program along with the bonuses that you offer when joining your team; I would like to know if the bonuses apply to this promotion? Thanks