MLM Lead System Pro Review

MLM Lead System Pro, also called MLSP, teaches attraction marketing, lead generation, sponsoring, recruiting and personal branding. MLSP members get access to 46 marketing courses, blog hosting, a CRM and an affiliate program that pays up to 100% commissions for direct sales.

How Does MLM Lead System Pro Work?

MLM Lead System Pro is an online attraction marketing system that does five things:

  • Attracts an endless supply of fresh, highly qualified leads.
  • Creates a relationship with an automated email follow up process.
  • Provides the potential to create multiple streams of income.
  • Brands YOU as a credible authority.
  • Teaches your team how to do the same thing!

Check it out…

I joined MLSP in August of 2010.

My goal was to learn how to generate 20 fresh mlm leads per day.

I logged in, clicked the GET STARTED HERE button and followed the simple instructions to set up a new blog, integrate my social media accounts, turn on lead tracking, and personalize the system with my home business opportunity.

Once everything was set up…

I headed straight to the leader boards to discover the top affiliates who were generating the most leads and to learn exactly what they were doing to produce those results.

Then I scheduled 2 hours a day to execute what I was learning, rolled up my sleeves and got busy.

I picked blogging, video marketing, social media and SEO as my primary marketing methods.

The results?MLSP ResultsCan you imagine?

How will your business, income and lifestyle be different when you start using My Lead System Pro to take your business to the next level?

My Lead System Pro Review

MLSP was launched in September 2008 by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer as a complete, fully generic network marketing business building system. Originally the program was based on the same attraction marketing principles the founders had used to build their own profitable businesses. The current system has evolved and is constantly evolving to embrace “what’s working now” as the marketing landscape changes.

MLMLeadSystemPro offers a suite of tools, training and software programs you can use to set up, operate and manage a profitable MLM affiliate marketing business. Members get professional blog hosting called MLSP SITES, video hosting, link tracking, a lead page generator called FUNNELIZER and a customer relationship manager.

You promote whatever you want, however you want to promote it.

Members also get access to over 46 training courses, daily wake up calls, live weekly training, access to  very active member’s only private Facebook Group and the opportunity to get private, personalized coaching.

How Much Does MLSP Cost?

My Lead System Pro offers two MLM training memberships that teach network marketers attraction marketing, lead generation, sponsoring and personal branding.

  • MLSP Premium is $299 per month and comes with a full suite of tools, training and software programs to set up, operate and scale a profitable MLM affiliate marketing business, personal coaching and group coaching. You earn MORE commissions at this level.
  • MLSP Professional is $149 per month and comes with a full suite of tools, training and software programs to set up, operate and scale a profitable MLM affiliate marketing business. You earn HIGHER commissions at this level.
  • MLSP Basic is $49 per month and comes limited versions of the same proven attraction marketing tools and training. The MLSP affiliate program is free.
  • You can test drive the system for only $10 and get a 100% refund if you don’t like it.

How Do You Get Started with MLSP?

  1. Sign Up, follow the simple GET STARTED instructions to personalize the system.
  2. Hit the training library and pick a primary marketing method based on the time, talent and budget you have available to build your business. Once selected, take a week or two and study the best-of-the-best. Then…
  3. Execute on what you are learning, and if you run into any challenges along the way, you can access the MLSP member’s private Facebook group to get help.

Take consistent action over an extended period of time and the goal is to start attracting prospects most likely to do business with you. Hot, fresh, daily leads. Leads that convert.

What is the My Lead System Pro Compensation Plan?

My Lead System Pro offers a free affiliate program that pays a 20-35% commission for direct sales. MLSP Mastery members earn $100 per month for active MLSP Mastery referrals and up to 100% commissions on select product sales. University members are limited to earning up to 45% commissions.

Strictly speaking, MLSP is not a business opportunity but, as of July 2017, we have generated 31, 432 leads and have referred 2,857 new reps into one or more of our MLM affiliate marketing businesses. All of which makes using and promoting MLSP very profitable.

Does MLM Lead System Pro Really Work?

When your car breaks down you take it to the mechanic to be fixed. You are buying a solution.

When you join MLSP, you are not buying a solution. You are investing in an integrated TRAINING and TOOLSET designed to help you expose your brand, business, product and services to an ever-increasing audience while providing the opportunity to “earn while you learn” as an active affiliate.

MLSP is not a magic pill. The system will not generate leads for you. The system provides everything you need to learn how to generate leads, convert those leads to sale… and all the tools you need to take action and execute on what you have learned.

MLSP provides the tools and training.

You provide the results based on what you do or don’t do with the tools and training provided.

MLSP is nothing more than a powerful TOOL…

… which is absolutely worthless unless you actually use it. Because without promotion, nothing happens. Which is true for every business. Including yours, right?

So now the questions begs:

If not My Lead System Pro, what?

And if not now, when?

Bless and be blessed,


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