Market America Reviewed – Still a Great Opportunity?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You go online to do your due diligence before starting your own business and you get bombarded with tons of “market america scam” headlines – some good, some not so good.Market-America

Concerned, you click through and read MANY different reviews, only to discover the author simply regurgitated some generic information and you are left wanting.

So let’s not waste time. Rest assured…

Market America Inc is entirely legitimate.

JR Ridinger founded the company almost two decades ago in 1992.

The company employs over 200 in their main Greensboro, North Carolina facility and over 600 people worldwide including international operations in the Austria, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US.

Over three billion dollars in personal care, health, beauty and other retail products have been sold, earning active distributors over 2 billion dollars wholesale, team over-ride commissions.

More than a billion dollars in retail commissions have also been earned.

So holding up a placard saying, “Market America Scam” and then somehow bashing or minimizing the company is wholly unfounded and is often contrived.

Market America Reviews – The Hidden Agenda

As you may have already discovered, most market america scam/review articles you find online are usually nothing more than a “bait piece” to catch your attention.

It is the proven A.I.D.A. copywriting formula at it’s finest (or worst, depending!)

  • A = Get a Prospect’s Attention
  • I = Hold Their Interest
  • D = Deliver Your Message
  • A = Ask Them to Act Now

Notice how it worked to get you to THIS page?


Take notes because if you truly intend to start your own business, you will need to master the art of sales and marketing.


Because despite what you may have read on the company site or heard from your potential upline leader – products do not sell themselves.

  • Someone has to market and promote the products.
  • Someone has to drive traffic to the online store.
  • Someone must present the business opportunity to a lot of people on a consistent basis if they ever hope to have any chance of building a massively profitable business. And that someone will be you!

The key to building any business all boils down to your ability to expose your products, service and opportunity to hundreds, even thousands of new prospects each and every month.

A few of those people will be interested enough to take a close look.

Some will test out the products.

Others may join you in your business.

But nobody will do anything unless and until you find a way to cost effectively marketing your business consistently and effectively.

Market America Review is Target Marketing

Using a headline like “market america review” is one way to expose your message to people interested in learning more about Marketing America Inc. In other words, you have used a enticing headline to produce a positive result – you have attracted the perfect prospect for your business.

So once you have their attention, it’s now time to deliver a message about why joining your and your team would be a wise decision.

Outline your mlm training. Discuss your prospecting system.

Assure them that you are the leader they are looking for, and you may be surprised at how many people will align themselves to do business with you.

Negative ads, headlines and articles like market america review work because they literally demand attention from who are already seriously interested in joining.

It’s magic, wouldn’t you agree?

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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  1. JB Carson says

    I am amazed that people in MA who have worked for months consider a $300 check to be a big deal. Come on people. Hell mall cops make more money than that and have a better social life too. Get real all you MA and network people. Get a job.

    • says

      Can’t agree with you, JB. Done correctly that $300 is PASSIVE INCOME… work once, get paid again and again. Mall cops have to ALWAYS show up to continue to get paid.

    • says

      Get your facts straight before you presume we do not have a real job. This is our business. Our hard work. Our time. That $300 you think is nothing, is residual – it keeps coming, it doesn’t stop.
      You may snicker at that, but that’s not even the best part of this business. You don’t like us – we get paid. You like us – we get paid. You join us – we get paid. You continue with your life, losing time you wish you still had when you’re older – we get time to do anything we want and oh yes, we get paid!
      Enjoy your day.

      • says

        There is really no downside to building a passive, residual income. None. Love it. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Greenie says

    I’ve read all these posts with great interest, both the positive and negative comments about MA. I was approached by an MA consultant to learn more about business but I came away with more questions than answers. What I didn’t like about this meeting was that the consultant I spoke with gave me a lot of info about the company and the 45 year plan, but he didn’t really tell me anything about how it works or the products or what I would actually need to do. At the end of the session, I felt really pressured to give him a decision as to whether I wanted to sign up or not and he wasn’t happy when I said I wanted time to look into it. I still didn’t know a lot about the products or what I had to do, i.e sell products or recruit others etc. Yet every time I asked a question, it was answered in a way that didn’t tell me very much. I wanted all the facts and information before i made a choice but all i felt was pressure, pressure, pressure which actually put me off signing up. Thank you for all the people who have posted, including people involved in MA – you have given me more info than the consultant i spoke with had. I didn’t know about transfers or minimum monthly buys etc as hadn’t gone into it at that level and now I feel I know the right questions to ask.

  3. Mike J. says

    I have been looking for a company that will supply me with products that aren’t available to the public. I just wish their products are a bit cheaper so I can make more because I am their Marketing and Sales department of unknown brands to friends and family at social events and recruit those that are excited about the products, to be their own boss, and make extra income. I attend lots of social events. The ideal situation is to repackage Costco Kirkland products to make real money.

  4. james says

    I feel bad for the people being mislead. I think its because i have a ok relationship with JR daughter Amanda. She always tells me dont sign up anyone and if i see a product thats cheaper in another store then go for it. She never tells me since you work for MA you have to purchase it from us. People you have to be creative when running a marketing business. Come up with your own and new ideas or promoting and selling. Do raffles, make you coustomers feel wanted. Give them the chance to win something. come on people thats why there are very few rich people because the lower class think everything is a scam wihtout even trying it.

  5. james says

    First of, If MA is a scam, then so is Avon, MaryKAy, YorHealth and the rest of them. People Who is part of MA are told or should be told DONT just sign up anyone under you that you know wont sell because then you WONT make any money. You have to go out and get people thats as motivated as you if not more. The goal is to hire peopel that WILL SELL. If you have people under you not putting in work you will NOT be successful. Before i got i want to say this IF You People havent tried any type of marketing hands on YOU SHOULDNT JUDGE and join the ban wagon of the other people. Just because you friends and family fail dosent mean you will. Maybe they didnt have the appearance, maybe they didnt know how to sell, maybe they didnt work hard enough, and most of all maybe they were trying to become a Millionare over night. ” Impossible “.. For the people looking to join any type of MArketing business. Stay Positive and motivated and you will succeed. Thanks for the time

  6. Sole Survivor says

    I recently attended the latest convention in MD this past weekend and i can honestly say this business model works….but not for the average Joe. Unless you put in your “hard work” as in mass recruit through group meets, schools your partners will break off and the commission checks will stop flowing in. Most people will level off and end up leaving or simply become consumers of the product. The way the plan is setup is most normal people will break even or lose money the way the commision upkeep scale works at the lower tiers which is the majority of the people.

    through out the trip everyone stressed positive reinforcement of the product over and over and over til you actually believe it. at the last day and the meeting after meeting they try to seal the deal. Most people would give in after 3-4 days of this positive reinforcement. But what i see is they give in mostly from peer pressure and fear of disappointing the person that brought them. They almost make you feel guilty for saying no or not buying 3 tickets to NC. ($600)

    One thing i did notice is the favorable treatment i noticed people who were seemingly going to join were given. the person that brought me also brought another person who was more interested in joining then i am. They got a lot of special attention, pampered even.

    in the end i did not join nor do i plan to. The system works but like i said most people will level off or end up being consumer of the products.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing. Most program work well for SOME people, but MOST people simply will not make any program work. It is really not the fault of the program – as if anyone is making money, everyone can make money. The key is to learn the art and science of MARKETING and then you will find success in most anything you do.

  7. says

    @Jim MOST people who join any network marketing type of business will not have success. Not because they are introvert or extrovert – but because MOST people do not understand marketing nor are they willing to learn. That’s the bottom line. Despite what you might have heard… products, services and business opportunities do not sell themselves.

  8. Dude 2 says

    Ask how many scientists they have employed???  Maybe 1 or 2.  Ask what products they produce themselves. 
     Answer 0.  They are a knock off company that has subcontractors knock off existing products in the market and then overcharge for them.

    • says

      That’s a silly arguement, Dude 2. Does Walmart make the products they distribute? Do doctors make the drugs they prescribe? Does the local tire store make the tires and wheels they sell? Silly… thanks for stopping by.

      • Ghost boy says

        “Rob” Why do you waste so much time replying to these posts? what do get out of it?

        WalMart might not make their own products but the ones they sell are most likely cheaper than any of their competitors. If not pretty close.
        They don’t mark up their prices just to claim the item is on sale and you are actually “saving” money when the “sale”price is actually still moe expensive than on another site not to mention even with the “cash back” your STILL paying a premium…….its’ all about how strong and believable your sales pitch is……

    • says

      Dude 2That’s a silly arguement, Dude 2. Does Walmart make the products they
      distribute? Do doctors make the drugs they prescribe? Does the local
      tire store make the tires and wheels they sell? Silly… thanks for
      stopping by.

  9. BobConnell says

    Very good point…it is extremely important for people to be a responsible sponsor when they join. Most people go out and act out the “ignorance on fire” tactic…leading to all of the things that Martina mentioned. Take your time, train the person, and over time it will duplicate…without duplication, none of this works. We have to remove the get rich quick mentality in the business, and let them know it is a “get rich” over a period of time business…that grows the strongest with stability in your sponsors.

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