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    Clickbank itself is not a scam. It can’t be, it is simply a marketplace for products, I think its one of the better affiliate networks personally and like you said Russell Brunson is one of the best to follow if you want to make money from affiliate marketing.

  2. tony says

    I agree with you 100% about Clickbank not being a scam,however Clickbank requires that you make at least 5 sales, from 5 different credit cards, and at least one of those must be from a MasterCard, and one from a Visa. And apparently, Paypal sales don’t count,to me that seems like extortion .

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      The reason they do this, Tony is to prevent people from signing up just to be able to purchase from their own affiliate link – thinking it is a wonder way to get a discount. They want REAL affiliate marketers, not those just trying to scam the seller. If you have a platform to drive traffic to offers, the sales will happen.

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    You had me convinced until I read the part where you said they manage campaigns for Commission Junction. I had an account with Commission Junction years ago and without any notice or reason they just cancelled the account. At the time they owed me about $12 in commissions. I tried several times to contact them and demanded payment of what they owed and I was totally ignored. Maybe they weren’t associated with Click Bank at the time, but if so that makes Click Bank suspicious in my mind.

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