Article Marketing Robot Review

Want to get your new keyword optimized web page, blog post or article to rank high the search engines?

Use Vince Severson’s new Article Marketing Robot to secure hundreds, even thousands of anchor text rich backlinks and the results may surprise, even shock you!

Seriously. Over the years, I have used every article marketing software and submission tool that exists. Most distribute to a very low number of directories and/or promise submission to hundreds but, due to a lack of programmer updates, end up submitting to only a handful. Which is fine if you are looking for the occasional reader or backlink.

But if you are looking for spin and submit a unique copy of your article to over 3,000 unique article directories, blogs and other web 2.0 sites that accept content… AMR is the solution you have been waiting for.

I’m going to post a three-part review/tutorial here because it is important for you to know EXACTLY how and why I’ve used AMR to help me rake in over $4,000 in affiliate commissions, add over $1,000 in monthly residuals income, and get literally a dozen new web pages to rank on the first page of google for some very competitive keywords.

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Article Marketing Robot Review – Introduction


Any tool is most effective when used for the purpose intended and article marketing robot is intended to spin and distribute a unique copy of an article to hundreds, even thousands of websites.

However, even when you have great content sitting on thousands of sites – that does not mean thousands of people will find, read and appreciate your content.

In fact, I’ve found I get very little actual traffic from even the largest of directories… EzineArticles… unless the article ranks on Google for a specific, highly searched keyword.

So I’ve found the best use of AMR is to help the original content rank by making it incredibly easy and inexpensive to geta ton of relevant backlinks to the original.

Article Marketing Robot – Campaign Example

Making money with article marketing software is a simple as:

  • selecting a target market
  • discovering that market want to buy, and
  • make it very easy for them to buy from you.

I use Market Samurai for keyword research and The Best Spinner to spin the original article. Article Marketing Robot does come  with a built in spinner, but it requires you going “manually” through the article, select words to spin, and pick options from a thesaurus.

Over time, as you save these settings, you can automate the process. But you get one-click spins right out of the box with the best spinner.

Article Marketing Robot – Software & Results

Article Marketing Robot is, hand downs, one of he best article marketing submission software I have ever used.

There is a bit of a learning curve and you will need to run a few campaigns to eliminate dead sites and find new ones, but once you have worked out a few things you can get your blog posts, web sites and even videos to rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Youtube pretty fast.Article Marketing Robot

It is also very well documented and, after signing up for a DeCaptcha account (costs $2 to solve 1,000 captcha codes), it took me less than an hour set up up everything and have over 2,000 directories and web sites approve my new author account – 100% on complete autopilot.

As far as actual submissions go – you have the choice to “drip” submissions out over time or to submit copies of your content to all the directories at one time. Either way, expect to see a very solid 60-70% approval rate.

I’ve had best results MASS SUBMITTING if I am linking back to content posted on a well-established authority site like EzineArticles, HubPages, Squidoo or Youtube videos and DRIP SUBMITTING if linking back to a new domain with less age and authority.

Another powerful feature is AMR gives you the ability to check to see if your articles were approve and let’s you save these new urls in a variety of formats like an html page, csv document or even a compiled RSS feed.

While easy to use, this is really an “advanced” seo feature designed for those who want to help the search engines find these new links faster.

And THAT secret is beyond the scope of this article. Besides, unless you are targeting a very competitive niche keyword (and why would you do that?!) – taking the extra step to help these links get indexed is somewhat over doing it.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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  1. says

    Hi Rob

    I am new to SEO and am learning so much from your site so thanks. I am going to sign up to Spindistribute and AMR unless you know new ones which are better. My website is a affiliate site promoting fragrances. Would you recommend me pointing the keyword to my site directly or to the articles on my many blogs which point to my main site.


  2. Mike says


    this is my first visit at

    and it’s provide the info which i am looking for,

    and i need your little help,

    i already purchased the AMR before read your blog and using AMR is great but i have a small number of Working Sites and looking for more AMR support working sites.

    i show your all video and it’ show you have thousands of working site, so i need a your support may you send me the AMR Article Supporting, it’s help me to grow.

    i hope you can understand because i am a newbies in Marketing with AMR..

    Thank you so much,

  3. says

    Hey Rob,

    Here’s the situation and it’s complex. About Article Marketing Robot…

    …I tried to use it during the free trial. I couldn’t get it to work.

    I asked the person who referred me through his affiliate link to help me via email and got no response.

    I spent like a whole day trying to figure out how to get AMR to work.

    Some claim that article spinning and submitting to hundreds of article directories no longer works.

    Some claim that duplicate content is no longer a problem.

    Plus there’s all these other spinners and they all claim to be far superior to the competition. Who do I believe?

    I notice that your last reply is over a year old. Do you still write articles and do spinning?

    I notice that you use(d) more than one spinner. Why?

    What is spinning right now is my head.

    I love to write articles and have recently published 6 articles on and 6 press releases on IBO Toolbox.

    Part of my problem now is that I am unemployed.

    Right now, I am in Rippln and am trying to build my ripple (12 so far.)

    I’m sorta in ViSalus, but I can’t afford to even buy the products.

    I am thinking about switching to Evolv.

    Bottom line, I’ve yet to make my first penny in MLM or in online marketing/affiliate marketing, in spite of the fact that I have been working really hard and long.

    I also used to be in MLSP and Empower Network, but didn’t make any money there either.

    It would’ve helped if David Wood had told us that we needed to pay an extra $20 to receive affiliate commissions.

    Any advice?

    Tom Gruber

    • says

      Hey Tom – thanks for reaching out. If take a look at this blog you will notice most of the post titles are keywords and if you search these keyword in Google – 85% of the time you will find our blog post ranks on the front page of Google. So, yeah, we focus on “article marketing” and “content marketing” using automated tools to get backlinks. You can see my current tool set here. I also teach NO DUPLICATE content. Period. End of that conversation.

      Jumping from program to program is not helpful. What you need to do is pick a program that pays WELL like MLSP, Empower Network or Pure Leverage and stick with it.

      Focus on MARKETING, getting traffic… leads and sales. Period.

      You can join 1,000 programs back-to-back and waste all your time and money. Or you can pick ONE program and focus on learning how to market. Once you start getting traffic, leads and sales… THEN it may be time to add a 2nd program.

  4. says

    Dear Rob,
    I’ve been using AMR for a week now, but I’m not really sure how many article to publish. With that I mean, how many submissions can you do with a single article. I bought the best spinner as well, so what would be the rule of thumb here? Can I write one article and then spin it into 10 articles and publish each of them to my whole list or is it better to break my list up and divide it over the, say 10 spun articles? Or no need to be scared for penalisations from Google. Thanks in advance, Martijn from the Netherlands.

    • says

      You should spend time watching the tutorials. If you spin an article, paste in the spin code and let it run… one spun article to the entire list for each two keywords (pages/posts/videos) you are promoting.

  5. Zara says

    Hi, can you post an ad on multiple sites with this software? cux it talks about the submission of articles, does it mean any other data such as a picture or an ad can also be posted on multiple sites using this software?

  6. says

    Great review of article marketing robot. Since I started using it 2.5 months ago my backlinks have increased over 2000 now. What is your opinion of AMR vs. Spin distribute? Have you seen if one gets the best mix of high quality and high quantity backlinks?

  7. LaShaun Williams says

    Great review. But for a person who can only afford the $97 option, would you recommend going for the Article Directories option or the Wiki/Web 2.0 option? And do you know if they allow you to upgrade later?

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